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FEATURED ARTICLES Facebook Accuses TCP News of Posting ‘Clickbait’ and ‘False’ Articles – Reduces...

Facebook Accuses TCP News of Posting ‘Clickbait’ and ‘False’ Articles – Reduces Page Distribution

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By Greg Holt


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“Facebook is exactly like the public schools; they are all about hardcore indoctrination. None of us – are to think for ourselves, rather we are to follow the carefully constructed narrative.”  (True Conservative Pundit)


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]sn’t it funny how we now get penalized for telling the truth?  I thought that was the penalty for lying, you know – like most of the media does on a daily basis?

Right is now wrong, and disinformation, lies, and outright fabrications are touted as the god’s honest truth. If you dare to say otherwise, you are a racist, a filthy vile Trump supporter deserving of death, a liar and/or an idiot, and so on.

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TCP News (True Conservative Pundit) routinely posts news and comment that others will not.  That does not mean that we post lies and made up out of whole cloth stories, for that you need to head over to CNN and MSNBC.  Since we choose to post the truth, we are censored and punished for doing so.

Fakebook (not a typo) recently notified TCP News that we had committed sacrilegious evil against the establishment.  Yes folks, we dared to share the truth.

So what precipitated this action against TCP News?  See for your self:

We have repeatedly shared articles on the dangers of vaccines.  There is enough information out there to cast a lot of doubt on not only the effectiveness of these vaccines, but of the safety and quality of the actual ingredient content of these supposedly safe vaccines.  There is plenty of evidence to link vaccines to autism, learning disabilities, health problems, dementia and even death.  Read the articles and judge for yourself – who is telling the truth here, Facebook (and other social media networks), or TCP News?

We also got hammered for sharing an article that postulated that cancer will never be cured – that article has close to 5,000 views.  Well, that is our opinion and that of the article writer as well, and we stand behind it 100%.  This is really very simple – the cancer industry is one of the most profitable niches within the healthcare field.  Think about that – there is no money in a cure.  But when you are repeatedly returning to the clinic for “treatment,” there is lots of money in that.  Healthcare practices worldwide make billions from treating cancer – a cure would wipe out that profit.  Do you think that is going to be allowed to happen?

No.  Way.

One more thing I want to mention here.  Natural treatments for cancer (as well as other medical conditions) are very much discouraged, buried in the media and medical academia, and touted as false and fake news on social media.  Holistic medical practitioners have been murdered in alarmingly high numbers.  There is a reason for all of this, actually at least two reasons:

  • Natural treatments actually work, unlike many traditional treatments, and there are little to no side affects – unlike most prescription drugs
  • The use of natural treatments would vastly deprive the medical industry (Big Pharma, doctors, hospitals, clinics etc.) of enormous amounts of money – as in billions and billions of dollars.

Then there is the fact that many in the medical industry exaggerate and lie about what treatments are needed.  Why?  Money.  Just ask many doctors if they would personally pursue Chemotherapy treatment for cancer – most are going to say no.  Why?  Because it does not often work, in fact, Chemo is known to spread cancer.  Check out our many articles on cancer and be informed, read the evidence and decide for yourself if the medical industry is lying to you.

Next up, TCP News was called out by Fakebook for sharing news that Climate Change is nothing more than a huge hoax made up by money grubbing global industrialists and politicians.  Climate Change is a hoax; TCP News stands by this opinion, period.

Facebook would not know what real science is if said science walked up and slapped them up side the head. The same can be said for their “news” checkers, completely clueless and indoctrinated fools.  Facebook has an agenda, and that agenda is indoctrinating all of their users to believe the lies that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wants you to believe in – unfortunately it is working:

  • Climate Change
  • Donald Trump is evil
  • Jesus Christ is awful and a danger to society, but Islam is good
  • Conservatives are evil
  • American historical figures were all evil
  • All LGBTQ activities are normal and ok
  • Democrats are for the people
  • Republicans are out to get We the People
  • Single payer healthcare is good
  • Universal Basic Income (supposedly free money) is a good thing
  • $15.00 per hour mandated minimum wage is good for the country

The list could be much more extensive, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Facebook is exactly like the public schools; they are all about hardcore indoctrination.  None of these entities want We the People to think for themselves; all social media, schools, the Hollywood elite, Democrats, and most of the media all want the exact same thing:

None of us – are to think for ourselves, rather we are to follow the carefully constructed narrative.  This narrative is carefully woven together by the Democrats, most social media, and most public information outlets of all kinds, as well as the schools (including colleges).

Don’t believe this?  Think for a minute – largely all of the media, social media, and the Democrats and RINOs all fight against and lend their support to the same issues.  Add to that list all schools, elementary right on through college.  This is not by chance, if you think otherwise, then you have not been paying attention.

TCP News will continue to share the truth whatever it may be.  We will not be silenced by the likes of Facebook and Twitter among others.  We hope that you will read and share our articles widely, including on Facebook, to help support us and our work.  We also hope you will choose to financially support us.

We have as our readers may have noticed decided to place ads on the site.  I have been against doing this for many years and it was a tough decision to change that, but the costs of running these sites is rather steep, and I pay all the costs myself – donations are few and far in between.  I’m not complaining, just stating the facts.

Facebook has reduced our distribution; please share our articles widely.
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Let’s all continue to fight political correctness, indoctrination, Leftist propaganda, liberalism, and keep sharing the truth – knowledge is power.  Until next time…

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