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Oath Keepers Planning to Help Keep Trump Rally Safe and Secure From Antifa


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By Sean Walton

Antifa has issued a national call to action for Antifa and other radical, America hating leftists to converge on the upcoming Trump rally in Minneapolis on Oct 10 to “disrupt” the Trump rally with an Antifa black block “America is Canceled” protest against capitalism.


Their call to action was posted on the Antifa website called It’s Going Down:

Call For An Anti-Capitalist Bloc At The Upcoming Anti-Trump Protest In Minneapolis, Minnesota On Thursday, October 10th.
Trump is having a campaign rally in downtown Minneapolis. He wants to keep America great, but…


Join us to celebrate with an anti-capitalist bloc.

Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring your crew and come prepared to disrupt the nightmare that is Trump.

October 10th • 6pm • Target Center

Meet at the “America is Canceled” banner.

In response to Antifa’s ‘call to action’, Oath Keepers posted their own call for volunteers to “keep attendees safe”. Citing the many instances of Antifa and others attacking attendees before and especially after Trump’s rally.

We are confident that the venue itself will be safe, but we have serious concerns for the safety of attendees as they walk from their vehicles to the venue, and then back to their vehicles in the dark afterward. There have been numerous examples of Trump supporters being attacked under those circumstances, especially as they leave a rally. Therefore, we need to be there to provide volunteer security escorts for Trump rally attendees in Minneapolis, MN just as we recently did to great success at the Trump rally in Rio Rancho, NM.

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The Oath Keepers website than lists the types of volunteers they are looking for and notes that you do not have to be a member of Oath Keepers in order to volunteer.

We are looking for calm, physically capable men who can effectively protect others, while also keeping their cool under pressure.

We always work closely with other awesome patriot or biker groups. If you are the leader of a motorcycle club, riding club, association, or group that is interested in helping with security, or the leader of a three percent group, firearms association, or other patriot group, please email us….

In addition to asking for volunteers to support the effort to provide protection the site goes on to describe how they plan to interact with local law enforcement and what they expect from Antifa based on past experience.

As always, our police officers and military veterans will be communicating and coordinating closely with local law enforcement and federal LEOs so we do not get in their way while still doing our critical work of protecting rally attendees. This will be an independent volunteer security operation, not formally associated with either the Trump campaign or with any law enforcement agency, but our Oath Keepers police officers will closely liaison with all relevant LEOs so they know who we are, why we are there, where we will be, who our leaders are and how to contact them, and vis versa. We have done that dozens of times as we have protected people from Antifa violence all over the nation, from Inauguration Day in DC, on.

Antifa’s normal M.O. is to harass, assault, and distract police with one of their “black block” formations (often throwing rocks, bottles, etc at police and setting fires) and then seek out vulnerable individuals for a gang beating of three or four on one, often with a masked Antifa hitting the victim in the head with a hard object, such as a bike lock, and then disappearing back into the “black block” of identically clad Antifa, making it difficult to find the perp. They especially like to attack people as they try to get back to their vehicles. They often target the elderly and infirm. For example, at the recent Rio Rancho, NM Trump rally, we prevented violent leftists from assaulting an elderly disabled veteran.

Republished with permission The Daily Sheeple

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  1. NAZI = National SOCIALIST Workers Party
    Obama/Sanders/Clinton/ANTIFA DEMOCRATS = SOCIALIST
    NAZIS broke up opposition political party rallies to SUPPRESS FREE SPEECH
    DEMOCRATS break up TRUMP political rallies to SUPPRESS FREE SPEECH

    TALIBAN-ISIS-BLM-antifa , destroying Our history, culture, and statues.
    “they” say this is a melting pot,
    WE “have” to accept anyone else who comes along ……
    Then “they” say WE are not welcome in our own homes.
    The DemoHATE party. The “hate HATERS” are the real HATERS
    LiberHATERS are the bullies —- LOOK at antifa. Unemployable mutants, fat, scrawny, ugly, stupid, seething with hate for the kids that were athletic, scholarly, healthy. Social outcasts for being creeps., these losers dye their hair green, tattoos, piercings everywhere, wear mismatched trashy clothes, to try to attain an “identity” that they will never achieve. Their outward sideshow appearance is an attempt to distract from the ugly rotting soul within. Soulmates of school shooters and child molesters. They are the poster children of HATE.
    ..The LiberHATERS make a big thing of “standing up to bullies” and “accepting people no matter what” screaming “End the HATE” at their “rallies”. They rail against attacking people over their appearance ——- as they wave their little Precious-Pony-Rainbow flags that are SUPPOSEDLY proving their acceptance of ALL opinions, but in FACT are statements that ONLY THEIR opinions are valid.
    They scream “tolerance” but they are INtolerant.
    They scream “HATERS” but look at their twisted faces and spittle dripping mouths.
    They scream “democracy” but they refuse to accept the will of the MAJORITY.
    They have ZERO concern for the RIGHTS and FEELINGS of their Fellow Citizens, So I see ZERO reason to give a Flying FIG about theirs.
    They BULLY Trump supporters, scream spittle flecked HATE at White Working People, and ridicule Trump’s appearance.. The Blind Hypocrisy And Double Standards Of These Liberals Is Astonishing! We’re Not Supposed To Talk About Clinton’s Past, But There’s “No Statute Of Limitations” For Trump Don’t vote for BULLIES http://investmentwatchblog.com/milos-team-made-a-video-with-scott-adams-i-cant-vote-for-a-bully-thats-why-i-cant-vote-for-hilary-spread-this-like-pneumonia/

  2. Antifa is CANCELLED.

  3. happy I moved out of that cesspool back in 05.
    Best Thing I ever did.

  4. I hope the Oath Keepers bring lead pipes.

  5. I hope the Oath Keepers are willing to do what has to be done.

  6. I continue to wonder how a brown shirt terrorist group like Antifa is allowed to exist. Has America sunk that far?

  7. Bash in a few of the Antifa heads and watch the rest of the little cowards run.

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