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The Mainstream Media’s Attack on Trump Over the ‘Ukraine’ Affair is Blowing up in the Biden’s Faces

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By J.D. Heyes

(Natural News) You can tell the so-called “mainstream media” is in a panic over a story that they actually started involving President Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and the eastern European country of Ukraine.

About a week ago, the MSM reported that President Trump allegedly withheld military aid from Ukraine as a way of forcing Kiev to provide evidence that former VP Biden threatened that country in 2015 to shut down a probe into a gas company in which Hunter served in a lucrative “board member” position.

There is no evidence to prove the president did that, but there is plenty of evidence to prove that Biden, not Trump, was the one who actually threatened Ukraine a few years back on behalf of the Obama administration — and specifically to have the prosecutor probing corruption within the gas company fired.

A video clip of Biden bragging about threatening to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees from Kiev if the prosecutor wasn’t fired (he was) is all over the Internet, even if pretend journalist clowns like MSNBC’s Ali Velshi doesn’t know that. 

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The MSM kicked a hornet’s nest and now the chief hornet, President Trump, is stinging them big time. And they are panicking as they try to put the Biden-Ukraine genie back in the bottle. Only, they can’t.

And now, presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani upped the ante. On Monday, he accused both Bidens of a $3 million “Ukraine-Latvia-Cyprus” money-laundering scheme which he said the garbage “Swamp media” has kept from the American people, Zero Hedge reports.

“NEW FACT: One $3million payment to Biden’s son from Ukraine to Latvia to Cyprus to US. When Prosecutor asked Cyprus for amount going to son, he was told US embassy (Obama’s) instructed them not to provide the amount. Prosecutor getting too close to son and Biden had him fired,” Giuliani wrote on Twitter.

The Bidens are BUSTED

Giuliani then mentioned another potential scandal involving the two Bidens and China, where Hunter somehow managed to land a $1.5 billion business deal (with John Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz) with the Bank of China after his dad paid a visit to the country and met with its leaders.

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“Biden scandal only beginning. Lots more evidence on Ukraine like today’s money laundering of $3 million. 4 or 5 big disclosures. Also the $1.5 billion China gave to Biden’s fund  while Joe was, as usual, failing in his negotiations with China is worse,” Giuliani wrote.

The Democrat-aligned MSM is crying foul, of course, but understand that Giuliani a) has access to all kinds of information and intelligence that the press doesn’t; and b) the MSM would cry foul because, again, the principle suspect here is a Democrat and his ideologically aligned son. (Related: Dems accuse Trump of asking Ukraine leader to probe Hunter Biden’s business deals but were SILENT over Obama’s use of foreign intelligence to spy on 2016 campaign.)

Oh, and the former Veep is accused of doing the exact same thing the media and congressional Democrats are accusing Trump of doing.

The facts are there for everyone (who wants) to see. Even the MSM, when they all wanted someone other than Biden to win his party’s presidential nominee, were reporting the China and Ukraine scandals.

Oh — and in August, Sen. Chuck Grassley sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin naming Hunter Biden and Heinz as sources of a potential conflict of interest involving the purchase of a U.S. company that made anti-vibration technologies by a state-owned Chinese firm connected with the development of the Chinese air force’s stealth fighter, the J-20.

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  1. The whistleblower didn’t actually hear the call

    Buried in a recent CNN article noted by the Daily Wire’s Ashe Schow, “The whistleblower didn’t have direct knowledge of the communications,” adding “Instead, the whistleblower’s concerns came in
    part from learning information that was not obtained during the course of their work.”

    Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko, meanwhile, said Trump did NOT pressure Ukraine.

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