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California to Force Public to Fund Abortions for College Students ‘inconvenient’ Pregnancies

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By S. Noble

The California Legislature has passed a bill that would force public universities in the state to provide abortion pills to students, The Sacramento Bee reported. It’s despicable in two ways in particular. First, it tells young people they can abort a baby if it’s inconvenient and second, they are forcing the public to fund the on-campus ‘medication’ abortions.

It’s a slow eroding of morals in our youth.

The state Senate passed the bill Sept. 13, and it now awaits Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature.

He will gladly sign it.

The taxpayers will be forced to subsidize the killing of the unborn by college students. “Abortion care is a constitutional right and an integral part of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care,” the bill states.

It makes all taxpayers complicit, regardless of their beliefs.

Abortion shouldn’t be in the Constitution. It’s a state’s rights issue. Even if it’s to remain in the Constitution, the funding should never be public and it shouldn’t be allowed to the moment of birth or after. Roe vs. Wade allows abortion to the moment of birth.

We are ruled by nine lawyers. Abortion in the third trimester could never be a healthcare issue. The entire healthcare issue was always a ruse. They are using these fake women’s healthcare and women’s rights issues to foist their amoral values on Americans.

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The bill states that “All California public university campuses have on-campus student health centers, but none of these health centers currently provide abortion by medication techniques. Abortion by medication techniques is extremely safe, highly effective, and cost effective. Abortion by medication techniques is an essential part of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care, and should be accessible at on-campus student health centers.”

For the record, a fetus is a baby.

The bill reduces human life to an inconvenience. It states that if it’s inconvenient, young people should be able to kill the baby. That message is a serious problem.

“When pregnant young people decide that abortion is the best option for them, having early, accessible care can help them stay on track to achieve their educational and other aspirational life plans,” it says.

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The bill might well make you sick. Killing a baby over inconvenience is evil, and they are indoctrinating the youth with this.

Republished with permission Independent Sentinel


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