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By Lyle Rapacki

The Evangelical Church across America, with few exceptions, is nowhere near the Body of Believers the Apostles of the Book of Acts could identify with, much less agree.  On the other hand, true apostles bring discipline and order, and call-out deceptive practices and theology, as well as watered-down and compliant biblical espousing.  They would have their work cut out for them in America’s churches today.  As I have distributed a couple of times since the beginning of 2019, the Lord is greatly riled over the false teachings, the lollipop messages and prophecies, the lack of preparing the people for the assaults directly ahead; assaults that shall prove most sobering and testing as to whether people truly stand and proclaim “Jesus is Lord!”  Very many will not!  The falling away is about to commence.  The Lord is sending, and already began to send, “The Storm of Justice” to all aspects of the secular community and government, as well as to the church at-large.  The apparent conviction of Benny Hinn as reported below is but a mere sampling of that which is to come.

The leaders of the Evangelical Church across America, with few exceptions, have not prepared the people to walk in submission (cooperation) with the Lord, nor learn how to stand against the forces of darkness as the believers in the first-century church were taught and walked.  Severe complacency, feel-good teachings, lollipop prophecies that tickle for the moment but do not bring maturity of walk and faith are the norm in churches, along with entertainment and continued, regular, multiple calls to receive financial blessings by giving financially to promote all sorts of breakthroughs.  The results, for the very most part, are the same, people are not properly taught, conditioned, prepared nor armed to face the diabolical forces already unleashed and still gaining strength and position.



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May Benny Hinn’s realization, conviction and repentance be sincere.  May he now stand and expose the various tricks, subtle means espoused and employed to “fleece the sheep” as the saying goes.  May the church across America humble itself before Adonai and also repent and seek the Lord’s direction, not man’s ideas as to how and proceed; to humble itself before the Lord of lords and King of kings to learn not how to grow, as much as how to walk in submission and humility with strength and a witness that draws people in not away; how to proceed placing the full armor of the Lord on described in Ephesians 6.

Baruch Hashem Adonai,

A Miracle in Modern Christianity: Benny Hinn Has Just Renounced The Prosperity Gospel

When you have done things a certain way for almost your entire career, it can be exceedingly difficult to admit that you were wrong.  This is true in any field, but it is especially true for those in the ministry.  So Benny Hinn showed an enormous amount of courage when he completely repudiated the “prosperity gospel” on Monday night during a Facebook Live broadcast.  This represents a 180 degree turn for his ministry, and it could be a watershed moment for American evangelical Christianity as a whole.  For decades, an extreme emphasis on wealth and prosperity has virtually drowned out the message of the cross on Christian television, and this has greatly damaged the evangelical movement.  Having high profile leaders such as Benny Hinn renounce the “prosperity gospel” would do much to heal the damage that has been done, and he should be greatly applauded for his public repentance.

Of course a lot of people out there are going to be skeptical, and that is unfortunate.  Forgiveness is available to everyone no matter what they may have been through in the past, and we should all remember that there is literally nobody alive that is not in need of grace.

In addition, it is important to remember that ministries are always going to need resources in order to fulfill the Great Commission, and believers should always be supporting those ministries that are doing a great job of preaching the gospel.  But the “prosperity gospel” twisted what the Bible says about giving into a message that appealed to the flesh, and Benny Hinn has now completely rejected that message.  The following comes from the Christian Post

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