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Tuesday –
August the 13th, 2019
Hebraic Year 5779

“Son of Man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me” (Ezekiel 3:17).

–     The role of a watchman is to warn and teach.
“…But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the Shofar, so that the people are warned; and then the sword comes and takes any one of them, I will hold the watchman responsible for the deaths” (Ezekiel 33:6).



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By Lyle Rapacki

FOR THOSE WHO HAVE EYES TO SEE AND EARS TO HEAR!  Now hear the sound – the Shofar of Warning being blown; seek wisdom and direction to prepare yourself, but NOT from man and NOT from institutions, and NOT in sleepy feel-good churches that spend time entertaining and speaking words that feel good but bring no positive change.  Many, very many of those that call themselves a House of Worship do NOT worship Me nor prepare My people to stand against the mighty winds from the Storm of Justice I have unleashed on this Land called America.  Many, very many of these gatherings that meet in My Name do NOT humble themselves, pray and seek repentance which moves Me to bring restoration.  My watchman, including some I have called to apostolic roles using their gifting to sound the alarm of a storm now released by My Hand on this Land called America have been ignored!  This Storm of Justice is like a mighty, mighty whirlwind pulling apart every hidden and occultic thought, practice, belief, and agenda.  That which has been deeply covered-up shall be revealed, and many, many shall be confronted with the hidden natures in their inner being hidden from many, including their perception, hidden from Me.  Many, many gatherings claiming to be My House of Worship shall be confronted with a decision; a declaration they shall have to make and then act upon…I AM calling a Remnant to Holiness as My servant Isaiah declared in Chapters 3 and 4!  I AM calling a Remnant and have already begun empowering this Remnant to stand against the war that is coming, and already has been unleashed upon this Land called America.  Many, very many in the gathering places claiming to be My House of Worship are too occupied with being entertained, not challenged to reflect or search their hearts for proper attitudes even in the moments of receiving My discipline.  Tell those who have ears to hear and eyes to see that My discipline is not to be confused with My punishment.  I desire to discipline those whom I love, but many will be those who will refuse to receive My discipline, and they shall see the results of their stubborn and self-serving ways.  Discipline and Holiness work together for good!  I AM calling those who have ears to hear to walk in submission (cooperation) with My plan, My ways…NOT man’s plans nor man’s ways including those men leading gatherings claiming to be My House of Worship.  Now Son of Man…share with My Remnant, and those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, what I have been showing you! 

Thus Saith the Lord –

Mentioned below is a part of what the Lord has been showing me over the past month:

The previous weeks has brought horrific acts of violence leaving many dead, others physically wounded, and still others emotionally scarred.  The evil unleashed bringing heinous acts of diabolical harm is just the beginning.  Likewise…tongues of pure filth and vehement hatred have been let loose.  The enemy is releasing a new campaign of vile hate that will far exceed all that has gone before.   The hate released is demonic at ranges and depths not before seen in our country, and a day is not too far off when only those who are in favor of evil, and will speak hatefully will be spared harm or death.  I am not describing days during the Tribulation, but days in America that will be upon us sooner rather than later.  Already we are witnessing people running for the highest office in our country spewing hatred and vile words, and this condition will increase.  Those who live only for their own pleasure, for what they can abscond with for themselves, will lead verbal vile hate filled attacks which Holy Spirit is now revealing on those hiding behind masks.  These characters of hatred see no value in Christians or patriotic followers.  There really is a time coming much sooner than America cares to consider where navigating the day or week will appear similar to those in the First Century Church written in the Book of Acts.

Already we see, but far more is just around the corner, where the wicked shall be honored.  Those who promote sin (like the killing of children for abortion even AFTER the birth of the child) will be honored, and the Lord will show you this if you will quiet yourself and listen to what is being said and exposed directly in front of you.  The Church is not taught how to confront such evil, how to stand.  A movement has been launched to eradicate the Name of the Lord from the earth, including from Houses of Worship!  A new Gospel is being promoted from pulpits, and even more disturbing are the placid acceptance from the sheep sitting in pews.   Elected officials in both political parties promote humanism and a global government.  Removing borders and national sovereignty is an example, and promoting a global government; nations without borders is their battle cry.  The release of alternative life styles and sexual orientation are part of this diabolical scheme to remove God’s established order.  Introducing young children (5 years of age) to alternative sexual life styles is an example of the assault loosed upon families and the gift of marriage given by the Lord.  Confusion with many social traditions will ensue, and already have begun.  Confusion and severe pressure to abandon America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage and Foundation has begun, and will increase dramatically.  Institutions like the Boy Scouts, and within church denominations will be truly shaken from the degradation that has been hidden within them, but now will be exposed.  And the pulpits are silent; except to entertain and espouse nice words and promises, and deliver a rainbow collection of nice sounding words and phrases which shall not prepare or protect the sheep for the assaults already underway, and yet to come!

Donald Trump, like King Cyrus in Isaiah 45, was given to God’s people for a time so they would not face extermination.  Adonai gave His appointed, not anointed, Donald Trump to America when certain works and plans of extermination were hatched.  Adonai, choosing to work through his appointed agent, Donald, is granting America an opportunity to decide anew who will this country serve; man or God, human institutions or God, systems of hedonism and vile corruption or God?  Choose wisely for we do not have an endless amount of time.  If Donald Trump grows weary, what then?  The pressures and spiritual assaults on this man are relentless and without precedent.  Who will go and pray for God’s appointed, that he will not cave to these relentless assaults?  Not flash-in-the-pan quickie prayer, but sustained prayer surrounding him with such so he will not tire, will not abandon the call upon him or discontinue being energetic and assertive with his plan to bring America back to a form of the nation that once walked more closely with God, and feared (respected) His ways and teachings, as we can read in our founding documents.  And the pulpits are silent.

What is evolving before our eyes is a spectacle not seen since the Roman Empire and the global community Rome built, and which is the blueprint for the New-World Order unfolding in present day.  The Marxist Democrat Party and their many factions, in conjunction with an international network of elites who have NO loyalty to a nation or to God, have been diligently creating an End-times civilization across the globe based not on the natural order as handed to us by the Lord Adonai who is the head over all; instead recreated in a very unnatural way.  This reworking of civilization will exist against nature and God’s ordained means; it will be a fabricated and altered nature, a civilization and government at war with creation, at war with nature, and at war with the order of God.  Look around and you will see elements of this happening already, even in Houses of Worship.   The Remnant will be led to resist such alterations in God’s plan for civilization; the Remnant will be led to assertively expose the myriad false and damning doctrines that shall be taught, and already have entered into our schools, libraries, government offices, and the church at-large; doctrines, acts of reprogramming people away from our nation’s founding truths, seductive reeducation steering recipients away from God’s Order given to us, much like what occurred in the Garden of Eden.

The Remnant Church Arising are those willing to submit their hearts, their speech, their priorities and plans, their attitudes unto the Living God who taught Isaiah in Chapter 3&4 of his book that judgement and holiness work together.  A Remnant Church arriving at understanding that separating your heart, your actions, and your entire way of life from any form of defilement by a culture and civilization turning from God’s ways.  A Remnant Church taught how to assertively stand and expose such defilement, and present the unaltered Gospel of Yeshua even in the face of great opposition.  But so very many pulpits are silent, and so very many sheep are not prepared for the Storms that are coming, and already have been loosed.


LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is an intelligence and threat assessment specialist who provided selected members of the Arizona State Legislature briefings and consultations on matters associated with southern Border security and other threats against State sovereignty from April 2010 through April 2018.  His reports, briefings, white papers and consultations enlarged to include elected and law enforcement officials across the country.  He believes he is now led to sound the Shofar of Warning to the Remnant Church Arising across the country as to the challenges and threats directly ahead.  He is the author of the successful Amazon quick-reading book: “Our Forefathers Truly Appealed to Heaven” Amazon Kindle $10 and Amazon Kindle E-book $7.


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