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Twitter Scrubbing Video of Protestor Saying ‘stab the motherf***er in the heart,’ Allows #MassacreMitch to Trend for Days

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By Greg Holt


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(True Conservative Pundit) While Mitch McConnell was at home healing from a fall, protestors showed up at his home and in classic Leftist style started making threats.  One protestor said, “that someone should just ‘stab the motherf**ker in the heart.’”  Wow, classy.

This particular tweet was apparently made by a Leftist who actually met with Leftist liberal Elizabeth Warren, is anyone surprised?

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“The person appears to be a BLM activist who has met with Elizabeth Warren”

Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign also shared the now deleted video of this protestor stating McConnell should be stabbed in the heart – so because Mitch McConnell retweets a video about violence aimed at himself, Twitter responds by suspending the account.  Uhhhhh what?

According to Twitter, removing this video is for Mitch’s safety you know.  At the same time Twitter has done nothing about the trending hash tag #MassacreMitch which is still going strong on Twitter.

A Google search of #massacremitch returns over 400,000 results.  The same search on Twitter has thousands of results and is still going strong.

Yup, Twitter is for sure very worried about Mitch McConnell’s safety.

Still, some Twitter users get it:



Team #MassacreMitch is further inciting hate, violating the rules, and should be suspended”

Yes they should…

“I was told today that Reza Aslan’s calls to violence were not in violation of Twitters rules. Yet here you are suspended for merely retweeting a video of someone else actually threatening to murder an American citizen. Twitter is a platform that openly condones leftist hate.”

Exactly!  For some unknown reason, Twitter bans a video calling for violence against Mitch McConnell, but allows plenty of other tweets supporting violence against Mitch, as well as tweets supporting Islamic Jihad, calls for violence against President Trump and his supporters, etc.

It needs to be pointed out here that Twitter is headed by an out and out Leftist ideologue.  Jack Dorsey fully supported the Ferguson protests and also is a huge Black Lives Matter supporter.  Twitter under the guidance of Dorsey just makes it up as they go along.  There is no such thing as fairness or even a genuine concern for other people’s safety on Twitter’s platform, except as Jack Dorsey sees fit.  If you are on Dorsey’s radar as a relevant Leftist hater, an Islamic jihadist, or a true blue Trump hater, you are safe, protected even.  If on the other hand you oppose liberalism and Leftist values, then it is perfectly ok to allow threats including death threats against you on Twitter, not to mention doxing.  In other words, if you are a conservative, and/or God fearing man or woman – it is open season on you on Twitter.

Remember Nick Sandmann?  He was the high school kid who smiled at a Native American, (who is a known troublemaker) and received death threats for doing nothing wrong.  Twitter allowed the tweets concerning him to remain on their platform as well.  Surprised?  Uh, no.

“This pic is of Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, who was falsely smeared by the media


Sandmann and his school received death threats over what happened


Twitter took no action against this tweet”

Peter Fonda called for Trump administration officials to have their kids taken away and thrown in cages with pedophiles.  Let that statement sink in for a moment.  How can anyone think of something so sick and twisted?  Yet Twitter did nothing about this.

There is a special place in Hell for people like Fonda and Dorsey, unless they repent of their evil.  Wishing for children to be harmed, including being raped – is just sick and demented.  But yet many on the Left including those in the Twitter mob have no problem with this kind of demented and evil thinking.

“The Squad” and most other Leftists support this line of demented thinking, or at the very least do not speak out against it.  When was the last time you heard someone on the Left call out Twitter or Google, or the other Leftist supporters (like the mainstream media) for their anti-American rhetoric including: abortion, infanticide, socialism, communism, Islamic jihad, doxing, violence against Trump supporters, and death threats against all who do not share their opinions and beliefs?

Answer: never.

You can read about the Left’s war on America and the freedom loving “We the People” who support her, in my new book, Spiritual Darkness is Destroying America and the ChurchThe Left is systematically destroying America while handing over power to the Globalists who seek a One World government.  In my book, I explain how and why this is happening.

One last thing: there is now a new movie coming out by Leftist Hollywood – called The Hunt.  In this so-called movie, hateful Americans can physically hunt their political opponents (“deplorables”) for sport.  Hunt as in shoot and kill like deer.  If this does not deeply disturb you, and confirm that the Left has completely lost it – then you are an idiot and deserve whatever comes to you courtesy of the Left.

You have been warned America, speak up now and defend America – or forever be rendered silent with the rest of the sheep.


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