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I have been privileged to provide consultations and materials to Investigative Journalist, Lara Logan.  Below are incredible reports from her tireless work in the field revealing the “crisis at the border” the Socialist Democrats know about, but adamantly refuse to acknowledge, since doing so would mess up their talking points and the agenda they are working to impose on America.  Lara is a consummate professional with an impressive portfolio as a legitimate investigative reporter.  Her no nonsense and accurate reporting even led to her being discharged from mainstream media platforms since she would not compromise her work to fit a preconstructed narrative.  I have been honored talking with her, exchanging materials, discussing esoteric facts related to the war at the southern border of the United States.  Her border stories below will prove most enlightening to you, and I urge you to pass these along, especially to your friends, family, and acquaintances in the east, and in the middle of our nation.  The following border stories by Investigative Journalist Lara Logan are real, are exact, and demonstrate beyond doubt, the seriousness of the crisis at the border.  Thank you, Lara, for allowing me to assist in a small manner.  ~LJR


Border Stories



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