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New York State Pays Out Over $60,000 for Registered Sex Offenders to Receive Erectile Dysfunction Drugs


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By Greg Holt

(True Conservative Pundit) Most people today have likely heard of the “little blue pill,” or Viagra.  There are of course men who legitimately need this medication to overcome a serious sexual problem.

Then there are those that buy these pills for other reasons, such as supposedly increasing their performance in the bedroom.  It is positively disgusting how often commercials are played on the radio for this and other generic products that do the same thing.  Order online, no embarrassment etc.  These pills are handed out like they are candy.

A search for ‘buy Viagra online’ yielded over 78 million results – does anyone actually think that there are that many men that honestly have a real medical problem?  I rather doubt that.  Search results will tell you to: buy it here, buy it with no prescription, buy it cheaper here with discreet 2-day shipping – and on, and on.

A search for “Viagra like alternatives” yields 13 million results.  Nope, there is absolutely no obsession with sex in this country.

As hard as this stuff is pushed by big pharma, there are many men who undoubtedly purchase these drugs believing in untrue fairy tales concerning what taking this stuff will do for a man.

There are other treatments, supplements etc. that will help the libido but they are not exactly safe either.

One radio ad had this to say about a comparable drug after suggesting men stick to the recommended dose: “we wouldn’t want you to over-perform in the bedroom.”  Sad.

Here is some hard truth: many a man’s problem in the bedroom is that he does not find his wife stimulating enough.  Yeah using porn will do that to you.

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Here is another truth: being deeply in love with your wife makes the bedroom a much better experience.  Imagine that, maybe God stated that sex was to be kept within marriage for this reason among others?

As if there is not enough debauchery in the world – out of New York State (imagine that) comes the news that Viagra was purchased for registered sex offenders!  WHAT???

Over a million dollars in total was improperly shelled out by New York’s Medicaid system for the treatment of erectile dysfunction over a six-year period, with over $60,000 of that going to sex offenders.  Over half of these offenders are level 2 or level 3 sex offenders.  Level 2 means they are a “moderate risk” to re-offend, level 3 means they are “high risk” to reoffend.  Many studies show these folks OFTEN reoffend, and some do-gooder SJW crusaders thought giving out Viagra to these people was a good idea?

The State Comptroller said these people should never have been given these drugs.  The New York State Health Department had this to say about it:

The New York State Health Department said it “strongly disagrees with the Comptroller’s conclusions,” noting that ED drugs are also used for hypertension and other conditions.” (source)

Please, give me a break; hypertension and other conditions can be treated by other medications.  Who in their right mind is going to give an ED drug to a registered and possibly dangerous sex offender?  Are these people making these decisions crazy, or just brain dead?


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  1. This was an IQ test for state governments……. I have bad news for New Yorkers!

  2. And the morons in NYS will REELECT Cuomo the Goon

  3. Meanwhile, Alabama’s Sweet Grandma Governor signs Bill for Chemical Castration of Child Molesters. The Sponsor of the Bill says, “If I had my way, They would get Capital Punishment for Ruining a Child’s Life!’ I agree with Him! And the Yankees claim Alabama is Stupid and they are the smart ones. LOL.

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