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Headline News 06/12/2019

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Good morning, we aim to start your day off right with relevant headline news that’s happening around the world, not to mention our own timely news articles and commentary. So grab that cup of coffee, settle in, and allow us to provide you with today’s Headline News

No sanctuary for the unborn: These 42 prosecutors say they won’t enforce new pro-life laws

The Real Lesson of Watergate Ignored in John Dean’s Testimony and Media Commentary

Video: MSNBC propagandist Lawrence O’Donnell suggests Trump’s father a Nazi sympathizer — On D-Day

Chicago’s Field Museum Now Insists You Refer To Its T-Rex Skeleton Using Gender Neutral Pronouns

Masterpiece Cakeshop Was Just Sued For ‘Discrimination’ For A THIRD Time


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One comment

  1. As someone who LOVES Sue the t-rex, I am shaking my head in disbelief (her actual skull is in a special glass case as it was too delicate to display). Ok so you don’t know for certain what gender this magnificent creature actually was but come on… Yes she is named after Sue who discovered her so let’s just leave Sue as female. In the end it doesn’t really matter what gender she was. Stop the madness, please!

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