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Headline News 06/06/2019

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Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Comcast, Instagram suffer devastating outages as Trump goes to war with Big Tech’s malicious censorship and fraud

Goodbye Middle Class: The Percentage Of Wealth Owned By The Top 10% Just Got Even BIGGER

A New Player Emerges In The Russia Investigation: Who Is Walter Soriano?

97-Year-Old D-Day Veteran Parachutes into Normandy Again


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  1. Concerning your lead article on “Forever Chemicals,” here is some information you should consider before repeating, and encouraging the consumption of, bad journalism. Whatever happened to looking at articles critically, with an eye of scepticism? BTW I am a publisher of a weekly newspaper.

    Toxicology 101: The DOSE makes the poison. “Testing positive” just means that the levels are detectable, and says nothing about whether or not the levels measured exceed Maximum Toxin Level set by the FDA.

    • I understand all that, still, it seems to me that if you even read the article you reference – you missed the point. There was no bad journalism here, the chemicals referenced are found in much of the U.S. food supply not to mention in people, these chemicals further take a long time to go away for lack of better words. Yes, the “dose” makes the poison in a way – so what do you think happens when we keep ingesting these “poisons,” especially given the fact that they take a long time to disperse? The “dose” will build up, right? Combine this with all the other known food issues, and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

      In the way that you are thinking here, it would be fine then to continue spraying RoundUp on crops to increase yield, because hey, the dose is low right?

      Maybe you ought to take a little more time to read what was written and understand the full context of it before you leave a snarky un-called for comment. The fact that you run a daily newspaper is meaningless, so does the New York Times.

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