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Flynn Filing Shows Devious Manipulation and Deception by Robert Mueller’s Team

General Michael Flynn defense fund Fellow patriots, please listen to this short, inspiring message from General Flynn. General Michael Flynn exemplifies patriotism, courage, and love of God and country - despite some of his own countrymen relentlessly attacking him. Donations for his defense are greatly appreciated. If you can only give $5.00, please do so - every little bit helps. Thank you so much, and God bless. Letter from General Flynn. 

By Lyle Rapacki

Last evening on Hannity, an incredibly talented and professionally credentialed panel of eight presented various findings as to how a malicious Coup began against Donald Trump while he was a candidate, and has continued to the present with little let-up.  One set of facts presented was how Lt. Gen. (Ret) Mike Flynn was deliberately targeted by Obama, Valarie Jarret, and other high ranking Obama representatives prior to the 2016 campaign.  Flynn was targeted to be character assassinated and professionally destroyed because he would not go along with the atrocious and borderline treason of our Nation’s intelligence and criminal justice systems through political means, and turned on American citizens.  Facts that shall be forthcoming shall prove the FISA Courts were “used” to aid with these diabolical deliberate acts.  Gen. Flynn was purposefully targeted because he simply knew too much and had been so close to the center of the terrible, terrible sordid abuse of power and trust, but without compromising like so very many others.  The decision was made “at the highest levels” that Flynn needed to go!

General Mike Flynn, and his wife, Lori, have paid a terrible personal and professional price for their loyalty to the Constitution, the Rule of Law, the Bill of Rights, honesty and integrity.  Over two and a half years, Mike Flynn has waited for the record to become public and set straight.  When the full and complete truth is revealed Gen. Flynn and his family will have a measure of peace, full restoration of his standing as an honorable American who stood-in-the-gap for Americans who had no idea what was taking place behind the curtains, and exoneration of his character as one who did not lie, who did not deceive, did not attempt a maneuver for personal gain or power like so very many who shortly will be exposed.  Gen. Flynn stood against the forces of incredible evil and darkness who deliberately set-out to collapse the United States, and to this day are still working to do so.  Gen. Flynn “fell on his sword” rather than engage in political theatre, thereby, hurting our country more.  All of this I just wrote shall be proven true.

Mike Flynn and his wife have lost their home, their finances, their reputations, their standing in both the professional and social communities in which they moved, and lost something most likely far more valuable…their peace – BUT GOD!  As Mike and Lori Flynn began their journey into the Valley of the Shadows, they were met by the Ancient of Days (Attiq Yomin, Daniel 7: 9, 13 – the Lord God who is the ultimate authority.  He will one day judge all nations and the leaders thereof).  Releasing their now shambled lives into His Hands they began a new journey, a new life.  There are still scars, and there are still long and hard days, but the joy and peace they never knew they could experience for real, even in the midst of a horrific storm, now resides in them.  A quiet confidence that whispers, “I have you, kid” now echoes within each of them.  You see…no matter what our earthly position, or rank, or title, or achievements, we each are but children of God.  You can choose to be a loner.  You can choose to be unattached, but you are still a child of God.  To those who accept this and submit (cooperate) with God’s plans for your life, well…now a journey of un-paralleled portions begins.  Just ask the Flynn’s.

Flynn Filing Shows Mueller Team Manipulated Transcript in Report…

By Sundance

In the Michael Flynn sentencing phase Judge Emmet Sullivan requested the Mueller prosecution team provide records related to the case. [Backstory Here]

Among other evidence, the judge ordered the government to file on the public docket “the transcript of the voicemail recording” from President Trump’s attorney John Dowd to Michael Flynn.  The transcript of that voicemail recording was cited in the Mueller report as evidence that team Trump was trying to obstruct justice by shaping witness testimony. 

Today, the Mueller team released the transcript of the call (full pdf below). However, as originally noticed by RosieMemos the released transcript clearly shows the Mueller team  selectively edited the transcript to weaponized their portrayal of the contact. 

Compare the actual transcript [Source] to the Mueller Report [source]:

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[Mueller Report, Volume II, pg 121]

Notice how Mueller leaves out (via edits) the context of the call, and the important qualifier: “without you having to give up any confidential information.”   Clearly Dowd does not want to interfere in Flynn’s cooperation with the special counsel, which is opposite to the twisted claim presented by Weissmann and Mueller’s report.

NOTE: Extensive details follow. Click on link below.

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About Lyle Rapacki

LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is an Intelligence and Threat Assessment Specialist who has provided intelligence briefings and consultations to selected members of the Arizona State Legislature on Border Security, Deviant Movement Groups, and threats to State sovereignty from May 2010 thru April of 2018.  Dr. Rapacki’s reports, briefings and consultations have enlarged to include elected and law enforcement officials across the country.  Lyle believes he is now being directed to sound the Shofar of Warning to the Remnant Church of the challenges and threats directed ahead.  He is the author of the successful and quick reading Amazon books: "Our Forefathers truly Appealed to Heaven" $10, Amazon Kindle E-books $7.


  1. Gen.Flyn was targeted because #PizzagateIsReal

    Water is WET! YES! SHOCKING isn’t it? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s BREAKING NEWS announcement, when we’ll tell you that WATER IS WET!

  3. They weave to deceive the masses mostly America, but the weave wasn’t good enough it got torn and now all the cross patch lies are showing us how evil and illegal these so called honorable s are. They be the ones subverting justice,and need to be held accountable for it. Disbar them, Mueller and Weissmann corrupted law people thinking how great they are [we got one more in the tank] to besmirch Trump. Some say over zealous, no its plane and pure illegality by these two who know better. Punish them by disbarring them and jail time. Its just awful and unlawful what these two did. Just where did they think they were holding court EUROPE? to say ” I f I had confidence Trump did not commit a crime, I would have said so.” He had no evidence of any crime but said guilty anyway. Mueller was not a king or a Judge to announce guilt or not only a Federal prosecutor who tarnish his standing among America to the point he should be disbarred, yea, he says he retired, so make it permanent and do the same for Weissmann who destroys people by coercing a fake guilty plea, tit for tat, lighter sentence. those who can’t afford high power attorneys comply. No we should not let this stand, those who were cornered/coerced pardon, and put these two in their cell place. Not doing nothing will allow it to happen again as it was done years before with Arthur Anderson issue and Weissmann but over turned by the court 9 to 0. He should have been disbarred then to prevent it from happening in the future, our time but was not, so its repeated.He should not be allowed to teach having such a record of dis respect for the court.

    • Thank you, John, for taking the time to share your comments, they are most appropriate. Lt. Gen (Ret) Flynn will come out of this nightmare, and will share a number of thoughts in a book. I think once all the smoke clears, and it is safe to share the American people will come to realize just how very close we came to losing our beloved nation. A sophisticated Coup was well underway a good three years prior to the national elections, and the planning and schemeing went all the way to the top in the Obama Administration. Gen Flynn knew this, and was expendable. He has fought, albeit far more quietly, a good fight, and has not given up standing for this country and our principles. His story will be compelling once it is able to be shared. American citizens need to wake up and realize there is a serious plan to collapse our contry still, and turn us into a Marxist global state with no sovereignty. I am glad to see you wrote what you did. Keep it up! ~LYLE

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