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By Lyle Rapacki

The recent discovery and report by the FBI regarding the Islamic-Jihad Training camp hidden in Alabama, is simply another find in a short but significant list of training camps hidden across America.  Some of us have been factually reporting on Middle Eastern terrorists dribbling into the United States through a very porous 2,000 mile long southern border for years.  Various artifacts, training books, and note books with target selections have been discovered in the southwest deserts of Arizona and eastern California especially.  Additional soldiers from a host of Middle Eastern countries hostile to America have been slipping through the very unsecure southern border, and NOT because Border Patrol has fallen down on the job!  NO!  Because all the presidents since Ronald Reagan have been lax on border security, and strengthening national sovereignty.  The New-World Order has been front and center since Reagan left office.  Obama did all but literally collapse border security.  Till Trump!  The President is playing catch-up, but regardless of the facts that America is under assault, so very many Washington, DC politicians (they forget which people they truly represent, and have fallen in line with both the Deep State and Dark State puppet masters) talk a good talk, but behind the scenes, do little to help the President secure our borders and protect our National sovereignty.

We are most fortunate to have located another “bad guy” training camp.  But how many are still out there!  How many “sleeper cells” really exist within our country?




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More Than 10,000 Illegals in U.S. From Terrorist Countries

More than 10,000 illegal aliens from countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism are living in the United States, according to federal data.

The countries of origin include Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan, said the Immigration Reform Law Institute, or IRLI, which referenced the data in a study reported by Breitbart News.

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