Wednesday, October 21, 2020
FAMILY CDC: Do NOT Wash Your Filthy Disease Ridden Super-Bug Infested Chicken Before...

CDC: Do NOT Wash Your Filthy Disease Ridden Super-Bug Infested Chicken Before Cooking

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By S.D. Wells for Natural News

(Natural News) Are you paranoid of germs? You should wash yourself well with hot, soapy water and take some Vitamin D. Are you paranoid of germs in your food? According to the CDC, never wash your raw meat or eggs before cooking, because those germs are very scary, and they can easily spread. So, you’ll want to cook those germs, including the bacteria and salmonella, very well first, and then eat them. Washing chicken in your kitchen could spread deadly germs onto utensils, cutting boards, and counter tops as well, so watch out for that. Thanks for the insight, you regulatory agency “watchdogs.” You never cease to amaze us.


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Yes, that’s the CDC’s best advice for avoiding getting infected by bacteria that has bred inside the chicken at the confined animal feeding operation (CAFO – where most chickens in America are inhumanely bred and slaughtered), where the animal is shot up with mass amounts of antibiotics, because it’s living in horrendous quarters, sick from eating genetically modified food stuff, and full of carcinogens from hormone overdose.

In America, weeks (or even months) before the chicken dies, it suffers from sickness, sadness, and it hears and watches its cohorts being slaughtered. That meat is often contaminated with salmonella, clostridium perfringens bacteria, and campylobacter bacteria, among all the deadly parasites and pathogens. Are you thinking you’re safe because you eat less red meat now, and more chicken? Think again.

Clostridium perfringens are the cause of over a MILLION serious sicknesses every year. Why? Most people believe the CDC and the LIE that cooking the chicken kills all the bacteria. It doesn’t. Not entirely. Spores can still grow again and the bacteria can thrive, especially if you don’t refrigerate or freeze the cooked carcass properly.

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Food bars and food left out on counters forever, like at pot luck parties, start festering at room temperature very quickly. Think about catered food here, or any food that’s simply kept “warm” for hours on end, like most food bars at restaurants, grocery stores, and at the food bar prepped by the “GMO-and-canola-oil-masters”– Whole Foods. Want some extra-delicious warm gravy on that cow meat or “fresh” foul?

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Americans suck down foul more than any meat, believing the BIG LIE that it’s better for you than eating “red meat”

Health officials at the CDC are at it again with their smoke and mirrors. Welcome to the circus, the greatest “show” on earth, where government officials help make people sick while pretending to care. Worry about washing off your chicken haphazardly and splattering the diseases all over your kitchen, but don’t you worry your little head about 50 vaccines that all contain neurotoxins, other people’s blood proteins (from abortions), animal urine, monosodium glutamate, and yes, there’s still mercury in the flu shots.

There is a series of steps you can take to avoid having known carcinogens injected into your muscle tissue. Step one: Read the vaccine insert. Step two: Use common sense and judgment. Step three: Remember that the same germs found in the chicken are in vaccines, including E. coli and genetically modified organisms.

Food-borne illnesses just waiting to infest your body

Food poisoning is no joke. The CDC, on their website, try to “sluff off” it’s seriousness by only mentioning fever and diarrhea, and leaving out cancer and death. It’s always just a short-term concern for corporations and regulatory agencies. It’s called the 24-hour sickness, because if you don’t get deathly sick that night or next day after eating it, you won’t ever attribute your health ills to it. Yes, we’re still talking about chicken. It’s not any safer than your cow meat or pig flesh.

Butchers and factories alike use bleach and ammonia to kill the bacteria in most chicken you get at fast food outlets, grocery stores, and chain store restaurants. Most of the chickens in America are walking health hazards while alive, and festering ones once dead, prepped, sold off, and eaten. Mixing bacteria, viruses, heavy metal toxins, ammonia, bleach, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, parasites, pathogens, and thinking you can “cook” all that away is just pure health suicide.

Many people simply get infected because they use the same knife and cutting board on the produce after they cut the raw chicken. Or they do it all on the counter top and that carries all the germs. Then, like complete idiots, they go get a flu shot and a measles shot and think they’re “good to go.”

Food poisoning can kill someone who already has a weak immune system, just ask the CDC. Well then, most of America should be avoiding chicken like the plague, because at least 200 million citizens have weakened immune systems daily from fluoridated water, pharmaceutical prescription medications, GMO Frankenfoods like corn and soy, and any and all vaccines.

Learn some facts you might not know about the danger of consuming raw meat or meat that’s been “kept warm”…

Are you suffering from a high fever, blood in your stool, rashes, dizzy spells, vomiting, frequent headaches, dehydration, inflammation, arthritis, and lethargy? Welcome to America. It is advised at this point that you call a Naturopathic Physician who actually took nutrition classes in college, unlike all those elitist M.D.s.

Tune in to Chemicals.News for updates on foods you should never eat again if you enjoy your health and hope for longevity, fortitude, and happiness all the way.

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  1. Out of high school I worked in a chicken processing plant, you better be washing your damn chicken. The things I saw!


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