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By Lyle Rapacki

‘We’re people that care about our national security’

Someone needs to send this report straight up the flag pole…the President and his two or three Senior Advisors need to read this, and understand this is NOT a drill.  The story below is in the best traditions of our country, dating back to the Revolutionary War.  In the war for our founding, citizens of all walks; farmers, shop keepers, teachers, heck…Pastors from the Black Robe Regiment, took to the field of battle to protect this fledging country.  This report is serious and requires attention!!

The following story has already appeared in the public domain, and has been verified.  While this incident was “successful” in that, no lives were lost, no injuries were incurred, over 300 illegals were interdicted, the hidden story within this report is that American citizens acting as a Militia protecting their community, state, and even nation took it upon themselves to stand post along the southern Border of the United States.  This group of American citizens had no backing from local, state or national forces, and did not seek approval to stand post and protect their state and country from a planned invasion.  With the certainty that more invaders are north bound intending to cross illegally into the United States, I have no doubt as word spreads about this “United Constitutional Patriots” other groups will begin appearing along the southern border of our country.  The potential for a flash point is real.  The potential for American citizens acting in response to a growing emergency that Washington, DC politicians (in both political parties) do not wish to acknowledge, taking-to-arms to protect their country, much like during the Founding Era of our Nation, most likely will prove quite dangerous.  And if any American civilian patriot is shot, or God forbid, killed, while standing post because the border is a sieve and unprotected, there will be a huge outcry followed by anger and growing chorus of citizens questioning who really is in charge of this country!?!  ~LJR



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Armed U.S. Militia in New Mexico Catches 300 Illegals

By WND Staff

Hundreds of asylum seekers who were trying to cross the border illegally Tuesday night surrendered to an an independent group of armed New Mexico citizens. reported an estimated 300 men, women and children gave themselves up to the ‘United Constitutional Patriots.”

The group, which says it’s comprised of veterans and former police officers, turned over custody of the asylum seekers to U.S. Border Patrol agents.

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