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By Lyle Rapacki

Attorney Jay Sekulow continues to shine as a bright light on an otherwise dark landscape.  His brightness focuses on the diabolical plan to destroy a national campaign, then destroy the winner of that campaign, and then go still further attempting to overturn the results of a national campaign.  Attorney Sekulow shines his bright light exposing the dark cast of characters involved in a Coup to rid our country of a duly elected president.  What follows by clicking on the highlighted section below is stunning reading of all I just stated.  Our Nation’s Chief Law Enforcement Agency, the FBI, along with National Intelligence apparatus turned from their oaths to protect and defend Americans from threats foreign and domestic, and became politicized up to and including being involved with orchestrating a Coup, which likely could have worked…But for God!

Highly troubling but riveting are the details attorney Skeulow puts forward.  Thank you, Sir, for fighting the good fight, for not growing tired and throwing in your pen and legal pad at overwhelming foes.  Thank you for standing up for and on the Constitution.  I am sure there were moments you felt very alone, but you didn’t falter, you didn’t stop standing!  Most Americans may never realize just how sophisticated, how far-reaching, how dangerously close our country came to experiencing a Coup.  But the information you submitted in this article will expose some of the tactics employed by both the “Deep State” and the “Dark State” to hide the nefarious acts of highly placed officials. Is the attempt to remove President Trump over, NO!  But the information contained herein, along with the slow and steady revelations beginning to be revealed have the perpetrators on their heels for the first-time since these sordid and evil acts began to be launched almost three years ago!  ~LJR




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Jay Sekulow: “Three” FISA Applications Were Denied in 2016 and What This Means…

By Sundance

During a rather innocuous podcast discussion panel yesterday, one of President Trump’s personal lawyers Jay Sekulow mentioned the FBI had three FISA applications denied by the FISA court in 2016. [Podcast Here – Note comment at 25:05]   The denials were always suspected; however, until now no-one in/around the administration has ever confirmed.

Jay Sekulow did not expand on his statement and did not explain where the information was derived from; however, if accurate this may explain the backstory to why FISA Judge Rudolph Contreras was recused.  This issue has been nagging many people since the recusal notation in December 2017.

On November 30th, 2017, Mike Flynn signed a guilty plea; ostensibly admitting lying to investigators.  The plea was accepted by Judge Rudolph Contreras; who is also a FISA court judge.  Six days later, December 7th, 2017, Judge Contreras “was recused” from the case without explanation.

(Reuters) The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia judge presiding over the criminal case for President Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been recused from handling the case, a court spokeswoman said on Thursday.  (read more)
The only two significant things that happened between the initial Mike Flynn plea hearing and the recusal from Judge Contreras was:

#1) The stories about anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok and his involvement with Fusion-GPS and Christopher Steele (keep this in mind as it pertains to FISC presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer); and

#2) FBI Director Chris Wray appearing before the House Judicial Committee and hearing Representative Jim Jordan demand to see the 2016 FISA application.

In fact, Judge Contreras was recused only a few hours after that House Judicial Committee hearing. The story was memory-holed into the concentric whirlpool of nothingness.  However, if what Jay Sekulow describes is true, and one of the denied FISA applications was against Mike Flynn, some of the issues reconcile.

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