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New Documents Expose Comey and Hillary’s Corruption and Cover-up


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By Independent Sentinel staff

Court documents released Monday show the Justice Department said former FBI Director James Comey was a “witness” in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, citing Comey’s memos detailing his interactions with President Trump. In addition, those memos he leaked of the President’s private conversations with him did contain confidential information.

The FBI doesn’t want the information released.

“The FBI and the Special Counsel’s office have determined that disclosure of the Comey Memos … could reasonably be expected to adversely affect the pending Russia investigation. The Comey Memos are his contemporaneous notes about incidents that are of interest in that investigation …,” Axios reported.

According to the court filing released late Monday, Comey’s memos contained classified information, including the name [redacted] of the confidential source the FBI used against Trump.

Comey meticulously outlined “foreign intelligence information obtained from and through” the key human source, “information about whether the FBI initiated coverage through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) on a particular individual,” relevant “sources and methods” used in the FBI’s investigation, as well as “information concerning the President’s foreign policy decision making,” according to the DOJ.

All of that information is “currently and properly classified,” the DOJ noted.


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According to the court filing released late Monday, Comey’s memos contained classified information, including the name [redacted] of the confidential source the FBI used against Trump.

The disgraced former FBI director insisted otherwise. He’s a liar.

Comey admitted during a Congressional hearing that he gave portions of his memos to a friend to leak to the New York Times in order to prompt a special counsel investigation into President Trump for obstruction of justice.

The leaking FBI director met with Robert Mueller prior to his testimony about the memos. Did he show the memos to Mueller? Did Mueller give Comey immunity? We still don’t have an answer for that.

Some reports say the documents (unredacted) also suggest then-FBI Director James Comey began his coup against President Trump in earnest because he didn’t like his foreign-policy decision making.

The documents were released as part of a FOIA lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, CNN, USA Today and others against the FBI in an effort to make Comey’s Trump memos public.

A couple of weeks ago, US District Judge James Boasberg in Washington ordered the FBI to turn over Comey’s ‘Trump memos’ — both clean and redacted versions by April 1st as he weighed releasing them to the public.

The FBI pushed back but portions of the memos have been released. They want the rest kept under seal and the battle for release continues. Some reports say the memos contain information about the President’s foreign policy decision making.


In another release obtained by Judicial Watch, there is interesting information about Hillary’s servers and email scandal.

The cover-up conversations do suggest ‘intent’. Remember Comey couldn’t do anything about her illegal actions because he couldn’t find intent. Hillary had to know this cover-up was going on and she had to know what she did was illegal.


Where do you begin? We wish the DOJ would just begin, period.

The whole thing was a hoax.

Republished with permission Independent Sentinel


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