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ABORTIONOh, The Inconvenience Of It All!

Oh, The Inconvenience Of It All!

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By John Miltenberger


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“The truth? You can’t handled the truth!” [ A Few Good Men ] 

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One of the great movie lines to come out of the late 20th century came out of the movie entitled, A Few Good Men. The character played by Jack Nicholson aggressively and cynically stated, “The truth? You can’t handle the truth!” And in that one line, human corruption at a very basic level was abruptly and brutally exposed! It was a great expression of how uncomfortable and inconvenienced with the truth we humans often are.

I love Facebook for how it deftly exposes the truth about people; actually, people do it to themselves. People love to talk about themselves, and quite often what they hide in polite conversation, they’ll shamelessly divulge to the world at large via Facebook. Who needs the FBI? Just look at what people share about themselves on Facebook, and it’s free of charge for anyone in the world to mine and use in any way they please. It is truly amazing!

Have you just met a person you think may be “the one”? Go to Facebook and view what he or she posts. The truth is right in plain sight. Are their posts all about themselves? Red flag… Do they load up the posts with smiling photos of themselves? Red flag…. Do they proudly expose how the vast multitude of their hobbies and interests are shallow or worldly? Red flag….

Very seldom is a person with any realistic grasp of eternity or even the rudimentary fear of God found to be using Facebook. Yes, it’s extremely disappointing most of the time, but you probably can’t afford to pay for so much free intelligence information about your friends and associates. And even better, most folks never learn; they just keep posting stuff about themselves that totally exposes what they really value. And it’s all free for the taking! You just gotta love it. Who needs Russian collusion when they can gather all they need from publically available social media?

That said, I’m planning on posting this piece to my Facebook page later today, and I guarantee that most readers (the few I have), will drop it like a hot potato, because I’m going to talk about an inconvenient truth, and here it is: God hates it and holds us accountable when we kill His children. In fact, He judges it Murder, but because we ‘can’t handle the truth’, we call it Abortion.

Those who lost much during the Holocaust still smart over the extermination of approximately six million Jews, not to mention the Gypsies, the infirm, the old (useless), the mentally ill….and a very few (probably count them on one hand) Christian pastors. I’ve seen horrible photos of many of the German death camps, and I’m sure most readers have too. But Hitler’s “Final Solution” was indeed insignificant to the over sixty-three million lives we’ve exterminated just since 1973 in this country alone! By comparison, the Holocaust has been vastly overstated, while the incredible slaughter of the ‘innocent’, as God’s Word calls them, goes on unabated in this country even as I type.

And the really sad part, the part that makes me just come unglued inside, is that once again, very few Christian pastors are willing to stand up and publically condemn this ongoing infanticide. Worse, the rank and file of our citizen lemmings, seem content to also ignore it, for it is, after all, inconvenient to acknowledge it; we still ‘can’t (I will add: “won’t”) handle the truth’.

But why do I care about this? I wish I knew. I’ve never been a “kid” person, and I was very glad when my own grew up, but through no fault of my own, my heart is exploding when I think of the ongoing beat of the murder-machines in this country. I don’t begin to understand it, but there is a fire in my heart I did not put there, and I don’t know how to accommodate it, and the pressure keeps building!

I would be less than honest if I did not issue (again) this warning to our American churches: “Stand up and be counted while you still can, or you will face a judgment such as has never been seen.” Who am I to state this? Good question…I’m just one tasked with shouting from the walls, “Escape this great judgment while you still can!”

Pastors; you say you trust God, but do you? Are you corrupt with the tax exemptions and the favor of man? There is no room for hypocrites in the Kingdom of God, whether you wear a collar, a velvet robe, or the trendy skinny-legged blue jeans…stand up against this incredible evil in our land while you still can. Time is running out, and with every murder, our hearts are getting harder. Also, with every murder, at least one more adult is victimized.

If the church doesn’t lead, it will follow, and it’s followed like a meek lapdog of our society for far too long already. We the people want REAL from the church, not theology. We want to see your Saturday night lives reflect what we see on Sunday mornings. We want to see sacrifice, and not self. We want to see courage, not the cowardice that’s so epidemic from our pulpits in 2019.

If we don’t stand up now, we will miss a golden opportunity to recapture the moral high ground and thrust of God’s Holy Spirit. This issue is a gift to the church of today, and we’d be extremely negligent to ignore it. And we’ll dishonor Him if we continue on in our weak, self-centered corruption. Image of God indeed! Image of us, more like it.

If this piece seems convicting, then DO SOMETHING. If it seems condemning…get over it. And if it seems wrong – just where was it wrong?

What are you going to do about this great evil? I write about it, and I’m unconcerned about making friends. And I’m seeking God for what else I can do.




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