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FAMILY Burger King's “Impossible Whopper”: It Contains GMO's, MSG, Chemicals, and More Salt...

Burger King’s “Impossible Whopper”: It Contains GMO’s, MSG, Chemicals, and More Salt & Fat Than a REAL Hamburger

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By Isabelle Z. for Natural News

(Natural News) Burger King is patting itself on the back for adding the “Impossible Whopper” to its menu in some locations, but what they’re not openly sharing is that the new meatless patty used in the sandwich is full of GMOs and made with toxins like MSG. Sure, it’s not meat – but it’s definitely a poor excuse for “food.”


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The plant-based faux meat patty comes from California-based Impossible Foods. Its main selling point is heme, which is created in this case from a genetically modified yeast to make the patties look like they’re bleeding just as real meat would, and gives them a meatlike taste.

Heme is found in the hemoglobin in our blood and carries oxygen throughout the body. It’s also responsible for giving blood its red shade. In addition to being found in animals, soy roots also have heme in them. However, because they only contain a small amount, Impossible Foods decided to use genetic engineering to tweak the DNA of yeast in a way that enables soy root nodules to produce heme at scale. Is your mouth watering yet?

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The burgers also contain textured vegetable proteins, which are part of the MSG family of excitotoxins that destroy your brain cells. MSG can also cause problems like hives, upset stomach muscle tightness and fatigue, and migraines.

The Impossible Burger, according to Food & Wine, also has more than twice the amount of saturated fat of an 85 percent lean beef burger and seven times as much sodium. From a health standpoint, at least, grass-fed beef is the clear winner over this synthetic burger. It doesn’t take a chemistry degree to figure out that a natural food is better for you than a highly processed one created in a lab.

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Safety of Impossible burgers called into question

Moreover, the FDA has said that the evidence available does not establish the safety of the heme used in these burgers for consumption, refusing to grant it “generally recognized as safe” status,  although it is still allowed to be sold because it hasn’t been found to be unsafe. Of course, it makes no sense to believe that something is safe just because it has not been proven unsafe. Humans have never made soy leg hemoglobin from roots part of their diet, so no one really knows what could happen to us if we eat it regularly. Although small amounts of natural heme may be beneficial, it could well be dangerous in greater quantities or different forms of it, like the GMO variety used in these burgers.

Impossible Foods knows that it being GMO isn’t going to sit well with a lot of people. That’s why they don’t label it as being GMO; their Chief Strategy Officer, Nick Halla, said when pressed that people can find that information on the website. Of course, that information is really difficult to find – especially when you’re standing in line at a fast food joint waiting to place your order.

Nevertheless, this venture could very well be a success for Burger King. They’re banking on the sad but true fact that most people do not bother investigating what they eat. If they market this burger as a healthier alternative – perhaps by focusing on selling points like its lack of cholesterol – people who don’t know any better will gladly shell out extra money for it. Let’s face it: People who are truly health-conscious and ingredient-aware aren’t stepping foot in Burger King in the first place, so they really only need to appeal to people who eat vegetarian or vegan because it’s trendy rather than for health reasons.

It should come as no surprise that Burger King’s move to try this burger out in 59 St. Louis-area stores was announced on April 1 because this GMO “burger” is an absolute joke.

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  1. As a person in early stage 3 of kidney problems I HAVE to stay away from red meat. Everything else (blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.) is OK. The only thing that bothers me about the ingredients is the MSG, but nothings really proven. There is evidence both ways.

    I also consider where this report is coming from (Reuters,, … hardly impartial sources. Something tells me the threatened cattle lobbies have something to do with these conclusions and warnings. I look forward to trying out the new Impossible Foods veggie-burgers.

  2. AOC scraved it down and was going to order another when I reminded her this was a Dutch Date. After the Saturday matinee, War of the Worlds (the Gene Berry version), which she said was highly racist we went for a drive and threw empty beer bottles at traffic signs. The evening ended in a big crash when she wanted to dance on the roof of the old WalMart. She fell through and an emergency crew had to cut her free.

    • We dont really. its assumed that we like the taste of meat. And cheese. And anything else. BUT, what else should it taste like? Its always a pacifier for the veggie crowd to eat like everyone else, have what everyone else is having, but it still is different. And its all about the toppings, anyway. it can taste like cardboard, as long as it has cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, ketchup, and anything else, its just fine. On a roll, of course!!!

  3. Oh my Lord, how effing gross can you get? Who in their right mind would put that crap into their mouth? Fast food in general is garbage but they’ve taken it to another level.

    Your kinda back handed compliment about grass finished(all beef is grass fed until they’re shipped off to feedlots) beef was unnecessary. It’s an excellent source of some vital nutrients and great protein and saturated fat. But for me it’s a non soy based food. I avoid that crap like the plague. It seems like it’s in everything including most beef, turkey and chicken(and eggs)

  4. I hope and trust that someone who “twits or tweets or ??” will make certain that this info is widely distributed in the St. Louis area… if this geographical area is highly populated with American Negroes, then perhaps (and I say ‘perhaps’) Burger King MAY be thinking that that segment MAY be more inclined to ingest this type of food. Is their Marketing “biased”?

  5. I tried it and it tasted good, but won’t have another. I developed a sever case of
    which I’ve never had before. I am miserable right now. The hives are huge and very itchy. Has anyone else had this problem it tasted great, but not worth it to me now.

  6. Does the Impossible Whooper contain actual MSG, the same neurotoxin found in many of Burger King’s chicken products? I have read where Burger King plans to phase out MSG in all of their products by the end of 2019.


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