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By S. Noble

The left is hoping RICO charges will be filed against the Trump Organization down the road — after they find a crime they have been fishing around for over the past two years. The left hopes it would lead to devastating financial loss.

The Trump Organization could be charged as a criminal enterprise if crimes are uncovered, a Forbes senior contributor writes.

The Trump Organization runs hotels and golf resorts. It’s hardly the mob, but the left hopes they can call it that anyway.

The author of the piece at Forbes — Steve Denning — writes that the President will be found wittingly or unwittingly involved in multiple criminal enterprises by Mueller. The Mueller report is “not a dud,” he says.

According to him, [perjurer] Cohen’s testimony “pointed to the possibility of wide-ranging criminality within the Trump Organization before, during and after the 2016 presidential campaign, including election finance violations, bank fraud, charity fraud, tax fraud, insurance fraud, obstruction of justice and suborning perjury.”

These possible crimes, he says, are under investigation by Federal prosecutors, including the Southern District of New York, State, and District authorities.

As he mentioned, this week New York state regulators have subpoenaed documents from Trump Organization’s insurance broker. It seems like a disgusting overreach on the part of the agents, but who knows.

There is an investigation of financial irregularities in Trump’s inaugural committee, engendered by leftists. Also, Congress has called on the FBI to investigate the employment of undocumented workers at Trump’s properties. That too came from the partisan Democrats and is petty. The workers had forged documents.

The investigations were mostly begun by Democrats, indirectly or directly. The left is going with ‘Trump is a mobster mantra’ now as their greatest hope to destroy Trump and his family.

Democrats are the most hateful of people.


RICO is supposed to be used for mobsters and transnational gangs.

When will they go after the Marriott and Comfort Inns? Surely they will.

They want the Trump organization labeled a “RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] enterprise”, i.e. a racketeering enterprise.

The evil New York Times suggests it would be subject to draconian financial and other penalties, that could threaten the Trump Organization’s very existence.

This is conjecture and wishful thinking at this time, but the left is running with it on social media.


It would be a serious abuse of the intentions of the Act. But, we are no longer dealing with the Democrats of old.

Republished with permission Independent Sentinel


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