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AOC Won’t Like Her New Billboard – Billboard Fires Back at AOC’s ‘I’m the Boss’ Comment


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The same capitalists who put up the last Times Square billboard mocking AOC are at it again with yet another one she won’t like. It’s in a tourist hotspot to attract the most attention.

The billboard references one of her most widely-mocked comments about the crazy Green New Deal.

At a ‘Girls Who Code’ event in Queens, she told the audience, “So until you do it, I’m the boss. How about that?”

One group estimated the costs of her GND at $93 trillion. That was considered a very conservative estimate.

The new billboard reads, “Hey AOC, you’re the “boss”? A sign underneath says, “We don’t think so. The American PEOPLE are the boss.”

AOC hasn’t responded yet, but she undoubtedly will since she can’t stop jabbering nonsense.


The Jobs Creators Network, who paid for the billboard, was founded by “entrepreneurs” like The Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, according to its website. The Board includes other capitalists.

It wasn’t their first effort.

They put up their first sign in the same location when AOC chased Amazon and their 25,000 jobs out of New York City. The billboard said ‘Thanks a lot AOC’.

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She responded, complaining about the money they spent on a “wack tweet.” They then shot back with another sign quoting her, “Hey AOC, saw your wack tweet.” But they didn’t stop there.

Another sign below it read, “Hey AOC, this billboard cost about $4,000. But you cost NY about 25,000 jobs and $4,000,000,000 in annual lost wages. OUCH!”

Republished with permission Independent Sentinel


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