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FEATURED ARTICLES Fight for the Truth! - Political Cartoons With a Strong Message

Fight for the Truth! – Political Cartoons With a Strong Message

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By Lyle Rapacki


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The history of political cartoons is as rich as the cartoons themselves.  It was Founding Father Benjamin Franklin in 1753, who published the first political cartoon in his newspaper.  The idea then, as now, is to communicate an issue through a picture making the message easy to grasp and clearly understood.  While entertaining, cartoons also convey serious and penetrating messages, and in a format that does not require much thought process.  This last aspect is most important in todays under educated and “dumbed-down” society.  Critical thinking is rarely taught or even encouraged in our educational systems, and students in the majority of college courses have been able to perform without actually having to learn.  I was privileged to teach in a university, and for a Dean who encouraged me to create a critical thinking environment sincerely challenging the students.  In such an academic environment, the students learn by confronting intriguing, important problems, and are given authentic tasks that will challenge them to grapple with ideas, rethink their assumptions, and examine their mental models of reality.  Removing fear of failure from the equation, students were engaged in a searching process; searching how to “think” through the challenges laid before them; search their own “faulty paradigms” the student brought into the classroom; defend their analysis, and evaluations by looking at pre-conceived bias.  While the student was responsible for working through academic information, they were also directed to reason through problems and answers, not merely regurgitate hypothesis.

I submit the above to highlight that our educational systems have failed to prepare students to become critical thinkers able to actively engage in the true battles and struggles confronting our Nation.  What is painfully evident is the ignorant uneducated young adults who do not know what they don’t know, unable to admit such or even be open to any examination, and live in a self-developed bubble of narcissism and a feel-good alternative philosophical world of their own making, but greatly influenced by Marxism.  One of the poster examples for this terribly sad commentary on the failure of our educational system is newly seated member of Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Her level of ignorance, her absence from reality, her fully being ensconced in Marxism and hatred of all things America, are stunning and alarming!

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The modern day cartoons below are in keeping with the rich tradition of political cartooning first created by Benjamin Franklin.  They send a clear and entertaining message, but a message of extreme concern and sadness, too.  While these cartoons are creative and engaging, I am deeply disturbed pondering what is still to come to our beloved country with the ever increasing likes of Cortez and her peers of dumbed-down, Marxist believing, self-absorbed adult children.

LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is an Intelligence and Threat Assessment Specialist who has provided briefings and consultations to members of the Arizona State Legislature from April 2010, to April 2019, on matters addressing southern Border security and threats to State sovereignty.  His reports, briefings and consultations expanded to include elected and law enforcement officials across the country.  Lyle believes he is now in the process of sounding the Shofar of Warning to the Remnant Church Arising to the threats and challenges coming.  He is the author of the successful Amazon Kindle Booklet: “Our Forefathers truly Appealed to Heaven” Kindle $5.


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    • Thank you for taking a moment to share your thought about my article “Fight for the Truth – Political Cartoons with a Strong Message.” That latest commentary touched many across the country, and I am glad for the content did its’ job. Our country, especially the church, is asleep or in some type of stupor. It does not see the storm coming, and is already here, much less prepared to persevere through the storm. The Marxists now sitting in Congress and shaping legisation which potentially could impact us all, are a true threat to the gift given to us by our Forefathers, and directed by the Lord Himself at the birth of our Nation. Christians need to pray earnestly about what is transpiring before their eyes, but they also need to find their “War Cry!” The “cartoons” I presented in my latest article were entertaining, and I am most glad for the attention by so many. But the message they convey is critical, and I pray between the laughs and smiles, people are able to see clearly what is communicated. Left unchallenged…the results may be devastating. ~LJR

        • Thank you ever so much, Greg. I am humbled by your comment. Thanks for making it possible through all your hard work getting the platform up and runing, and then keeping it running all these years. You have been engaged in a significant Spiritual War as you maintain a platform by which opinions can be shared. You have been engaged in a tremendous ministry, and you have helped throw seed every bit as much as those who actually place their hand in the seed bag and lift out a handful to throw. ~LJR


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