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AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ Information Page on Her Gov. Website Suddenly Goes Missing

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Somehow Ms. Ocasio-Cortez basks in the limelight of the media, even conservative media, even when she demonstrates her ignorance… or wait, maybe she is just playing all of this in a similar manner to how President Donald Trump played the media when running for president.  After all, I like to say there is no bad publicity.  However, Ocasio-Cortez, after being humiliatingly mocked by the internet over her Green New Deal, scrubbed from her website of her talking points on the subject.


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Below is the Frequently Asked Questions Ocasio-Cortez has posted on her site until she was utterly ridiculed, even by those in her own party, over them.

Green New Deal FAQ by on Scribd

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Among some of the mockery, there was a tweet from Megan McArdle, who wrote, “The most bizarre passage in the Green New Deal is the admission that after they’ve junked every car in America, replaced every power plant, and renovated every single building within the space of a decade, they might not get around to slaughtering all the cows by their deadline.”

Pete Hegseth of Fox News commented, “Reads like a poorly-argued paper from a college sophomore after years of mindless left-wing indoctrination.”

Of course, it does. Ocasio-Cortez has no real world experience and obviously does not understand basic civics, science or economics.  One wonders how she got elected in her district unless she represents those that don’t have that basic understanding as well.

“The Green New Deal is what happens when the tide pod eating generation decides to make public policy,” said Erick Erickson.

“Whoever wrote the New Green Deal deserves a job at the Onion,” tweeted Natalie Johnson of the Hill.

Buck Sexton of The Blaze added, “Now that we see what the Green New Deal is, anyone who takes it seriously cannot be taken seriously.”

To be fair, people thought the same thing of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah and Obamacare, and because they didn’t take it seriously, it was shoved down the throats of the American people.

“Whoever wrote AOC’s Green New Deal document is a full-scale idiot,” added Ben Shapiro. “There is no way to read that document as a rational person and think otherwise.”

Well, of course, but then if anyone has listened to Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, they would know she is not a rational person, nor a competent one.

So, as a result, Ocasio-Cortez took the page down, but the internet, as usual, never forgets.  That’s why we have the copy above.

Here’s what her page looks like now.

In commenting on the removal of the FAQs from Ocasio-Cortez’s website, John Hayward writes:

The whole point behind the FAQ sheet was to tease the formal rollout the resolution she and Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts introduced on Thursday. The resolution proved to be less specific than the FAQ sheet – but, of course, that’s what FAQ sheets are for. It has become very common for politicians to give relatively vague and aspirational speeches, then direct voters to consult their websites for more details.


The FAQ sheet was revised before it was deleted entirely, which completely demolishes the narrative that it was not a serious document or was posted by accident. Ocasio-Cortez and her staff tried to save the document by surgically altering its most ridiculous elements before they gave up and shipped the whole thing off to the ozone layer.


It is also worth noting that the FAQ sheet was shopped around by Ocasio-Cortez staffers to major media organizations, including NPR and the Washington Post. NPR published the FAQ before interviewing Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday morning, and she raised no objection to what they published. Clearly, this was not some phantom early draft posted on the website by accident.


Inconveniently for Democrat efforts to flush the original release of the Green New Deal down the memory hole, the resolution introduced by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Markey still contained plenty of eye-rolling insanities, such as destroying the American industrial base to achieve “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions” within ten years.

I guess Ocasio-Cortez is just not that much of a hurry to save the planet in less than twelve years.

However, as Hayward reminds us, “Expect more of that in the weeks to come, as the protean Green New Deal changed with every passing minute to become whatever Democrats need it to be, and “journalists” stubbornly refuse to remind you what they were saying about it yesterday.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  The more these people are allowed to remain in office without being impeached for bad (unconstitutional and immoral) behavior, the more they have time to revise, alter language and make more and more attempts at attacking the rights of the people they are supposed to represent.

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