Saturday, February 27, 2021
ECONOMY Rep. Ilhan Omar Plainly Advocating for Socialism Can't Even Handle Basic Math...

Rep. Ilhan Omar Plainly Advocating for Socialism Can’t Even Handle Basic Math as She Criticizes McDonalds CEO

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By Jon Dougherty for The National Sentinel

Maybe socialists don’t understand economics very well because they’re unable to do simple math. At least, that would explain why “Democratic” Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota could botch addition and multiplication so badly during a House hearing last week in a virtue-signaling attempt to shame the McDonald’s corporation.


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During a hearing of the House Education and Labor Committee Tuesday, Omar noted the large disparity in pay between CEO Steve Easterbrook and the average McDonald’s worker, such as Terrence Wise, a McDonald’s team manager from Missouri, who testified before the committee.

“So the CEO of McDonald’s gets paid $21.8 million,” Omar said. “Can you share with us what someone in your position at McDonald’s gets paid annually?”

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“Not that much — not even a fraction of that,” Wise answered. “I make $11 an hour at my job, currently.”

“So the median pay for a McDonald’s worker was $7,000 in 2017, and that is the pay gap between the CEO that’s making $21.8 [million] to the $7,000 that a worker who has put in 40 hours a day[sic] gets paid. To me, that just morally does not sit well,” Omar explained.

Wow. For a congresswoman, she makes a lousy economics teacher. The Washington Free Beacon cleared it up for her:

Omar meant to say 40 hours a week, as there are only 24 hours in a day. However, if a full-time employee worked for $11 an hour at 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, he or she would make about $22,000 a year before taxes. The average hourly rate for a McDonald’s employee is about $9 an hour, according to the company, which comes out to roughly $18,000 a year for a full-time worker before taxes.

Where did Omar get her figures from? The dishonest mainstream media (MSM), of course, which is replete with budding little socialists who are all-in for the “cause.”

According to an Associated Press story, the median McDonald’s worker earned $7,000 in 2017, which is an extremely deceiving number because “McDonald’s defines a median employee as a part-time hourly restaurant crew member in Poland, where wages are lower than in the U.S. and it didn’t use any of the exclusions allowed.”

But there is much more wrong about this than Omar’s math idiocy: It’s her socialist/Marxist economic philosophy.

Like other Leftist Democrats before her, either are either ignorant of basic economics or they ignore them on purpose to perpetuate dependence on big, fat, all-powerful government. Either way, the results are the same.

Pushing corporations like McDonald’s, whose individual franchises operate on thin margins, to pay more per hour than employees can generate in profits means a) prices will rise, resulting in less business; as business declines, employees will have to be laid off or replaced with machines/robots; franchises will close resulting in fewer jobs, fewer local tax revenues, and less corporate profits to tax.

As for the ‘big pay disparity’ between a CEO and a line worker, probably fewer than 0.001 percent of the American people have the education, training, experience, and knowledge to even run a large corporation like McDonald’s profitably — and yes, Rep. Omar, under federal statutes, corporations must generally do all they can to operate in the best interests of shareholders (which most often means turning a profit).

What’s more, Wise’s position is obviously an entry-level job, and those were never designed to provide enough income to raise a family or serve as a life-goal objective (though for some it may be).

Omar’s attempt to shame McDonald’s is just the latest by a Left-wing Democrat with no direct business experience who obviously isn’t interested in pursuing economic policies that create, rather than destroy, opportunities for Americans.

That’s too bad because she has the perfect teacher close at hand: President Donald Trump, whose economic policies have created millions of new jobs (including those factory jobs Obama said would never come back) and have created historically low unemployment for all Americans including blacks and Hispanics.


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