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The initial report I received regarding a Flesh-Easting Bacteria on the southern U.S. Border came from my pilot yesterday who has been providing overflight surveillance of all things related to the invader caravans moving to illegally crash the southern Border.  Approximately six months ago through his diligence and formal military training, we have been able to develop a fairly solid profile of the invader campaign unleashed on the United States southern Border.  One such report contained specific details regarding the various medical concerns/crisis developing along the border holding camps.  He, and his team of copilots, submitted eye-witness reports consistent with an independent briefing I, along with a nationally known medical subject-matter specialist, gave before a closed-door briefing in the Arizona State Legislature two years ago.  We reported the medical issues coming from illegals would prove to be a medical crisis rarely experienced in the United States.  Diseases non-responsive to antibiotics and other treatments were heading this way.  Mind you, we were most specific and defined conditions already known in third-world countries, but the American medical community simply had no treatment protocols to offer.  My full briefing was delivered to elected, educational, community officials, as well as medical professionals regionally and nationally.  For the past two years, I along with other watchmen, have sounded the alarm that a crisis is coming!

My pilot sounded a FLASH-TRAFFIC ALARM yesterday about the Flesh-Easting Bacteria just discovered among invaders attempting to enter New Mexico.  Now the below report is made public, and Border Patrol Officials are also sounding an alarm!  Law Enforcement professionals in Maine, Vermont, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have reached-out requesting any information addressing these caravans, as illegals with and creating problems, have appeared in communities within the named states.  If I am not mistaken, the states I just named are a bit away from the actual southern Border of the United States.   Maine!?  Vermont!?

Now this public report below is distributed.  There is a crisis all along the southern United States Border!!  I pray my fellow citizens wake-up and begin demanding all elected in Washington, D.C. to assist the President of the United States fulfill his chief Constitutional responsibility; to protect and defend this Nation and our Sovereignty.



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Illegal Alien Carrying Flesh-Eating Bacteria Apprehended at US Border

US Border Patrol agents have apprehended an illegal immigrant carrying a flesh-eating bacteria at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Officials confirmed the migrant was one among hundreds detained at the southern border.

The man was admitted to the hospital after an agent noticed a growing rash on his leg. reports: And officials said in a statement Jan. 25 the unidentified migrant will need extensive treatment.

He was detained at the Lordsburg, New Mexico, Border Patrol station, CBS4 reported, adding that he was from Central America.

A statement from border patrol officials said the unidentified migrant will require extensive medical treatment but Border Patrol spokesman Carlos Antunez said he could not provide more details or the man’s condition, reported The Associated Press.

Flesh-eating bacteria is a rare condition called necrotizing fasciitis that spreads quickly and can be fatal.

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