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Mueller Report Intended to Accomplish ONE Thing: the Destruction of the Trump Presidency

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By S. Noble


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Mark Levin spoke with Sydney Powell last night on his Fox News show about the Mueller investigation. Former U.S. Attorney Powell wrote a book a while back about some of the key players now leading the Mueller probe into the President. Titled, LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, it doesn’t disappoint.

These attorneys, including Andrew Weissman and Robert Mueller, broke all the rules, hid exculpatory evidence, and sent innocent people to prison. Even when Robert Mueller knew one man was innocent, he wouldn’t let him out of prison. Andrew Weissman was part of these witch hunts into Enron, Arthur Anderson, Merrill Lynch, and others.

Weissman, a partisan leftist and Hillary fan, will likely write the report, according to Powell. She also warned that he is a master manipulator of the media.


At one point during the interview, Powell strongly suggested the report will probably destroy President Trump, and that is the goal. [30:43] Levin also made note of the fact that Democrats probably know it which is why they are waiting on impeachment.

“Mr. Weissman could write a report that would make giving your mother a nice Christmas present sound like a federal criminal offense,” she told Levin.

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He asked if that wasn’t the reason Pelosi, the media, and the Democrats are waiting for the report before they start impeachment proceedings. Levin also mentioned that Weissman was at Hillary Clinton’s victory party and encouraged Sally Yates to defy the President.

About the reason for waiting on impeachment, Sidney Powell said she has heard that. “Yes, I’ve heard that’s true.” And she added, “The other thing you need to know is Mr. Weissman is a master manipulator of the media. He did that during the Enron litigation also. In fact, he sat in the courtroom with his arm around Mary Flood who was the lead reporter of the Houston Chronicle.”

Watch the entire video if you want to hear about Mueller-Weissman corruption and their penchant for fishing for crimes without any evidence that one was committed. It’s a tactic similar to the ones Stalin himself used although he was able to kill people.

After watching the Stalinesque raid on Roger Stone, there is little doubt this crew will go to extreme lengths to destroy the President. Their continuous leaks strongly suggest they are in bed with the Democrats and the media.


Weissman convicts people in the media ahead of their trial, Powell says. That is what has been going on with Donald Trump. And the Democrats will demand release.

It is inappropriate for Mueller to issue a report accusing the President without due process and Levin believes it “undermines the Bill of Rights.” [37:58 on the mark]

The prosecutor is only supposed to determine if charges should or should not be brought, but that is not what is happening, Levin adds.

“It creates a massive smear campaign, but that’s what this was about, to begin with,” Powell said.

Her last comment was to say that under President Obama, we witnessed the unprecedented weaponization of every government agency and the worst ever of the Department of Justice and FBI.

Go to 30:43 for the key segment:

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