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U.S. NEWS Anyone Can Buy Human Remains on the Internet – and it’s Perfectly...

Anyone Can Buy Human Remains on the Internet – and it’s Perfectly Legal

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By Greg Holt


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(True Conservative Pundit) This writer was surprised and horrified to come across this; human remains can be purchased online from many different sources.  I find this to be absolutely disgusting, and morally reprehensible. We are not talking about using human remains for scientific research here – no, anyone can purchase human remains from a variety of places on line.

Did you know that REAL human skulls were for sale as recently as 2006 on eBay before eBay put a stop to it?  Or that human remains are for sale on Amazon, and Instagram as well as other websites? (source)

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A company called Skulls Unlimited sells complete human skeletons, REAL human skeletons.  Or you can purchase human parts like legs, skulls, arms etc.  What really disgusted this writer was a full human fetus skeleton – yes a baby skeleton for sale.

On the bottom of the Skulls Unlimited webpage there is a link that reads: Sell Us Your Skull.  Upon clicking said link you are taken to a new page that reads in part:

Skulls Unlimited buys hundreds of skulls and skeletons from private individuals and institutions every year. We are continually looking for rare and unusual skulls and skeletons as well as oddities and some common species including


Horned Specimens
African Species
Rare and Exotic Species


If you have something for sale, just send us a few pictures and your asking price and we will let you know if we’re interested. Thank you!

Skulls Unlimited buys from private individuals – so my question is, where are these individuals getting these human skulls from?  What verification procedures are in place concerning these purchases if any?

Skulls Unlimited apparently told National Geographic that they only sell recent donor skeletons to medial professionals and educators, but antique bones are for sale to anyone. (source)

In an article by KOB TV 4 investigates revealed that:

“To prove how easy it is to purchase human body parts, the 4 Investigates team purchased a real human foot from an online company called Skulls Unlimited. The $325 purchase was delivered without any request for credentials or being questioned about the intentions of the purchase.”

It is only this writer’s opinion, but sales of human remains to the public at large should be illegal.  What use would anyone in their right mind have for human remains?  A showpiece for your fireplace mantle?  Or maybe a cool decoration for your living-room coffee table?

How about wanting to donate your body to medical science?  What if your body winds up for sale instead of being utilized in a medical college, such as happened to this gentleman?

It was a gruesome discovery: human body parts were found in 12 red tubs “dismembered by a coarse cutting instrument… such as a chainsaw,” according to court records.


Fasold was told her father’s arm was found with a hospital-type wristband.

That is so reprehensible and disgusting I do not have the words.  That someone would profit in that manner from a human body.

The sale of human remains should be highly regulated, there is no good reason anyone in the public sector needs to own human remains.


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  1. Human skulls and bones are often used in satanic things and in witchcraft. I read things as a teen that would have been best left unread. When I saw this article I looked online and yes, they are still being used for these purposes. Yes, selling human remains of any kind should be illegal.

  2. Whoa..this takes gender confusion to a whole new level! Is this AI approved?

    PS: It’s legal to sell aborted baby parts and in California and Vermont, it’s also legal to sell them even when they’re alive, as long as long as they’ve been aborted first. Human remains? No comparison. Our leaders steal everything we have while we’re alive and they just can’t stop even when we’re dead. Evil for good, good for evil; illegal for legal, legal for illegal – same difference.

  3. At the risk of being a lightening rod on this topic, I will answer Greg Holt’s questions “What use would anyone in their right mind have for human remains? A showpiece for your fireplace mantle? Or maybe a cool decoration for your living-room coffee table?”

    For some people, the answer is yes. I should know. I have multiple parts of skeletons — mostly skulls — that have either been made into ceremonial / religious objects, or pieces of art. They are in my bookcases, on my desk and tables, and at certain times some have a place of honor on the mantle.

    The practice of collecting objects made of people, at least in Europe and the Americas, goes back to the early Victorian era when the middle and upper classes would collect shrunken heads or Maori heads. Occasionally, books were bound in the author’s skin.

    The practice of collecting objects made from dead humans continues to this day in the collecting of Tantric objects and artwork by bone carvers such as Dolen Carag and Zane Wylie.

    • Sorry, but I very much disagree with you. There is no reason anyone needs human bones. The most likely use is for ritual magic, as in Satan. As far as keeping them in your home for any other reason, well – I find that to be disgusting.


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