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Prophetic Dream: Donald Trump and the Alligator Swamp

Friday –
January the 18th, 2019
Hebraic Year 5779

“Son of Man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me” (Ezekiel 3:17).

–     The role of a watchman is to warn and teach.
“…But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the Shofar, so that the people are warned; and then the sword comes and takes any one of them, I will hold the watchman responsible for the deaths” (Ezekiel 33:6).

The below prophetic dream was received by me under today’s date, and approximately 1:00pm.  I do not personally know the pastor whose dream this was, but the individual who sent this to me is a former Special Assistant to a State Senator in Montana.  I “met” the special assistant and senator while working on matters with the Arizona State Senate.  She (the Special Assistant to the Senator) asked to remain on my personal distribution list as a prophetic intercessor.  I am sending this to you without any further comment, but did wish to provide this basic background.  The prophetic dream has since been posted on Face Book. ~LJR



Jeremiah Johnson (Facebook page)

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Prophetic Dream Received 1/18/19

As a nightly dreamer since the days of my youth, I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a nightmare. That all changed last night as I woke up in my bed unable to breath, my heart racing out of control, and my entire body numb and shaking. It was a terrifying experience to say the least.

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In the dream, I was on a ship with Donald Trump in a swamp that was totally infested with alligators. Many of them were larger than life. However, these were not merely just alligators, they revealed themselves to me as “mercenary alligators.” In other words, they were trained to sink our ship and had no other agenda but doing so. Risking their life was not a problem for them. They had been commissioned to sink the ship and kill us.

As our ship sailed deeper into the swamp, Donald Trump was laughing with his “Make America Great Again” hat on as he steered. He continued to laugh as he would purposely plow into as many alligators as he could. “I’m going to drain the swamp!” he would yell to me on the ship.

Suddenly, I began to realize that the more Donald tried to drain the swamp, the more the swamp was going to drain him. Larger and larger alligators began to swim up and take large chunks out of our ship. We began to take on water and I knew then that our death was imminent. Donald seemed to be totally oblivious to the great danger we were in.

I pleaded with him to stop intentionally and purposely drain the swamp but it was too late. We were swallowed up into this totally demonic mercenary alligator abyss. It was a gigantic black hole. I could literally hear hoards of demons laughing and cheering. What I felt and experienced as Donald and I died together is something I will never forget.

I immediately woke up in my bed suffocating, numb, and my heart racing out of my chest. As I began to pray to get free, this is what the Lord spoke to me and said,

“Jeremiah, My people do not recognize the demonic warfare from hell that is being unleashed upon the United States and Donald Trump. Even as a wall is being built, why are My people refusing to build a wall of intercession and prayer around their President and around their nation? Yes, the borders are unsecured but they are far more unsecured in the Spirit realm than you could ever imagine. How is it that a man would see the necessity of building a wall to protect a country but My people cannot even recognize their desperate need to build a wall of intercession and prayer around their own lives and churches? How the American Church continues to sleep and slumber in these days of history has come before My throne and it has greatly grieved My heart!

I warn you Jeremiah, that as Donald tries to drain the Swamp, the Swamp is going to drain him. His heart will become hardened, his resolve will become dangerous, and the attack’s upon his life and presidency will only get bigger and bigger. This will be a result in large part due to a prayerless Church in America that has refused to pray for their President and that has ignored the demonic agendas in Washington. If My people do not begin to gather and call upon My name, great danger will come upon the shores of the United States of America, says God.

-Jeremiah Johnson


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About Lyle Rapacki

LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is an Intelligence and Threat Assessment Specialist who has provided intelligence briefings and consultations to selected members of the Arizona State Legislature on Border Security, Deviant Movement Groups, and threats to State sovereignty from May 2010 thru April of 2018.  Dr. Rapacki’s reports, briefings and consultations have enlarged to include elected and law enforcement officials across the country.  Lyle believes he is now being directed to sound the Shofar of Warning to the Remnant Church of the challenges and threats directed ahead.  He is the author of the successful and quick reading Amazon books: "Our Forefathers truly Appealed to Heaven" $10, Amazon Kindle E-books $7.


  1. My takeaway: President Trump exposed the “mercenaries” when he gave them a deal no good American leader would object to. I believe he knew the democrats would expose themselves, again, but to the extent that we the people can see them even better for the seditious globalists they are. I further believe that Trump’s deal was another attempt to get us involved in supporting him and challenging the powers-that-shouldn’t-be. He can’t do this alone. As a representative Republic, it’s our duty to fight against the “alligators” that want to destroy us and to support Trump, actively, massively, and immediately. Sure, we know the NWO is coming in all its satanic evil, but God gave us a respite, additional time, by giving us Donald Trump as our President – because the NWO wasn’t yet in His timeline. It’s my belief that whether God keeps Trump in the Oval Office for another 4 years it up to us. The church is falling away but we Christians are not. As Abraham said to God regarding Sodom & Gomorrah: “Would you destroy it if there were 10 good people there?” God said “No,” We know that ending, but I believe we still have some time. At least to become better prepared for what will certainly befall us by 2024. That’s MY dream AND nightmare.

    • Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.d.

      Marlene, Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Thanks for caring enough to give a witness, too! The Lord is faithful, and He shall NOT let His Word not go out or come back void, the Lord shall proclaim His Word for all to ponder and decide how they will respond…or if at all. Trump is God’s “appointed” for this time, similar to Cyrus in Isaiah 45. America is being given the gift of time to decide all over again who will they serve – God or man; the Gospel or doctrines of men and false gods. As you so elequently wrote, “I believe we still have some time.” Agree! But the discipline of the Lord has begun, and a storm named “Justice” has begun and shall intensify greatly across America to separate the Remnant Church from all else. You can read my article about the Remnant Cnurch Arising on this site. The President has righted many wrongs committed against the Christian community. Now I pray the Christian community begins to stand on the Gospel, rather than on church doctrine, liturgy and a humanistic gospel being preached in very many pulpits. Some seroius correction and maturing needs to occur in the pews, and the hour grows late. I pray you will continue to shed light on the darkness many in the church are walking around in, and challenge and encourage people to once again submit (cooperate) with the ways of the Lord, not the seemingly easy and exciting ways of man. which ways, shall only lead to a dead end and separation from the Lord. May the Lord bless and keep you as you go forward. LYLE –

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