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FEATURED ARTICLES Howling For Wolves condemns three wildlife killing contests to be held this...

Howling For Wolves condemns three wildlife killing contests to be held this weekend in Minnesota as cruel, ineffective, and disastrous for wildlife

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by Rev. Austin Miles


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This came to me as an urgent Press Release which I gladly have posted on my website: and on the news wire. People, please put a stop to this march to cruelty contest.

Animals have the same feelings we do including pain, fear, anxiety, distress, grief and yes, even love. So these targeted animals will experience the same pain you would experience if you were the hunted in this barbaric “sport.”  Below is the contact numbers for Howling for Wolves that protects animals.

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CONTACT: Dr. Maureen Hackett, Howling For Wolves, 612.250.5915, or Leslie Rosedahl at 651.353.1818, [email protected]

(St. Paul) – Three wildlife killing contests will be hosted this weekend in Minnesota. These contests target coyotes and foxes.

The sponsors of this atrocity and their phone numbers are listed below. With courtesy, urge them to pull their sponsorship;

West Metro Coyote Hunting Tournament (Watertown, Minnesota): Host-  Hollywood Sports Complex: (952) 955-2424

Buffalo Ridge Coyote Hunting Tournament (Marshall, Minnesota): Host-  Brau Brothers Brewing: (507) 929-2337

Minndak Coyote Tournament (Randolph, Minnesota): Host- Roscoe’s Roadhouse: (507) 263-5157

“Wildlife killing contests are cruel, ineffective, and do not reflect Minnesota’s tradition of sportsmanship and respect for the outdoors,” said Joe Wolf, board member of Howling For Wolves.

Hunts like this are unregulated – with no rules, and no limits.

“Killing contests are wrong for many reasons; First, there is no place in a civil society for wildlife killing contests. These types of tournaments are disastrous to wildlife and the balance of ecosystems, and simply glorify violent behavior by encouraging killing simply for the sake of killing.

Second, organizers of these events often claim that they are helping to control predator populations. The fact is, this is not about controlling wildlife populations. This is about thrill-killing, a nonsensical, savage contest to see who can kill the most. Finally, we need the fox to control infectious diseases, including Lyme disease,” said Wolf.

The phone number of the sponsors of this horrendous killing party are shown above. Please contact them with courtesy and urge them to call off his dastardly deed which makes all of us look like savages


Howling For Wolves educates the public about the wild wolf to foster tolerance and to ensure the wolf’s long-term survival. Howling For Wolves opposes recreational wolf hunting and trapping and all wildlife snaring. We advocate for nonlethal prevention methods that reduce wolf-livestock conflicts and support current federal protections for the wolf.


Rev. Austin Miles is the author of the just published book, God and Animals-What the Bible Says About Animals and Heaven. Here is a link with information of this book that celebrates all animals:
The book is available on Amazon.

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  1. This is based on LIES. REVEREND MILES, I have enjoyed your writing for awhile now. If you wrote this you are badly misinformed.
    Wildlife killing contests are cruel ineffective, and do not reflect MINNESOTA’S tradition of sportsmanship, and respect for the outdoors. LIES!!! Hunters try to dispatch their quarry quickly and efficiently. Calling predators is by no means ineffective. This is the only effective STATE APPROVED method besides trapping, I am not familiar with Minn. law for baiting predators. These animals are in season, and being hunted with STATE approved methods. It tears my soul that EMOTION rules the conversation when it comes to animal conservation. You make legal hunting sound like wanton slaughter of wildlife. I pray that you are misinformed, because harvesting, husbandry, and proper use of our GOD GIVEN resources for food and clothing is the dominion given to us by our Creator.

      • I wish there was a method for a “thumbs up” on comments.

        Mangledman, 2 thumbs up for you.

        Mr. Holt, you’re sensationalizing (for the bad) the impact Minnesota’s game management practices have on wildlife populations.

        Predator populations have many, much less humane enemies than the sportsman who hunt and manage their numbers. Have any of you seen a coyote or fox suffering from mange in the early winter ? I say early winter because they usually don’t live very long at this time of year when suffering from the mites. And it’s not a humane death to be sure. Sarcoptic mange, canine distemper, and many other diseases wildlife can become afflicted with are a direct result of high numbers in their populations. Hunters, Trappers, Fisherman, and others who purchase guns, ammo, fishing & hunting gear and many other products related to the sports, contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to wildlife and fish conservation through the “Pittman-Robertson Act” (since 1937). Money generated by the tax goes directly to habitat restoration, habitat acquisition, and other programs that benefit fish and wildlife. 99.999% of all the hunters and fisherman that I know, care more for the well being of fish & wildlife populations than all of the “anti’s combined. To all of those who would demonize fisherman, hunters & trappers, ask yourself, “What have you done for fish & wildlife lately ?”

          • Fair enough. My apology’s if I implied you were an anti-hunter. That was not my intention.
            FWIW, I see this “contest” as nothing more than a “Big Buck Contest” or a “Fishing Derby”. Predator numbers are extremely high in my part of the country (Michigans Upper Peninsula), with coyotes and wolves becoming so emboldened that they are entering peoples yards to snatch domestic cats and dogs, along with farmers pastures to prey on sheep and new born calves. This is not hearsay, I personally know of several examples where this has happened. And I understand, they have to eat too. Such is the cycle of life.

            Best Regards Mr. Holt

            • I hear you, for what it is worth, I don’t like coyotes and wolves. Wolves are a problem here is WI, killing livestock etc. At least with the deer contests, well, hunters usually eat them. And I’m fine with killing wolves etc that threaten livestock, because I would do it in a heartbeat.

              Regards my friend


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