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By Greg Holt

(True Conservative Pundit) President Trump outlined in his live White House statement on immigration and border security his new plan to deal with the Southern border crisis.

The new deal Trump is offering includes items the Democrats themselves deemed necessary and needed immediately.



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The plan includes:

  • Millions of dollars for humanitarian relief at the Southern Border.
  • Money for reunification of families separated.
  • The Hiring of over 2000 additional border patrol and law enforcement agents.
  • A 3-year extension for DACA program participants
  • A 3-year extension of TPS (Temporary protected status) for migrants in the U.S. that are about to lose this status.
  • The already asked for 5.7 billion dollars to selectively build a steel barrier (over 200 miles) in the areas deemed the most high risk for illegal crossings.

Trump said that Mitch McConnell promised to bring this new plan to a vote in the Senate within a week.

This is a good plan that includes compromises the Democrats themselves asked for – so there should be no more stalling and grandstanding by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. This writer however doubts that Schumer and Pelosi will support this plan.

Democrats (some of them) have quietly indicated support of Trump’s plans to secure the border while the Democrat leadership foolishly remains opposed to anything Trump tries to do to secure the border.

President Trump wisely pointed out in his address that this is a humanitarian crisis that should not take sides but needs to be dealt with to protect Americans as well as legal immigrants.

The Trump plan according to Trump provides Congress with a path to end the government shutdown, and begin securing the Southern border while providing much needed humanitarian aid.

The Trump plan also provides a pathway for Congress to proceed with real immigration reform that is so badly needed in this country.

If the Democrats refuse to support this plan, they are voicing support for open borders louder than words can convey. The Politicrats are also telling the American people that they (the Politicrats) are completely uninterested in the safety and welfare of the American people.

Trump may not have all his statistics right, but he is 100% correct in stating that a wall would drastically reduce the flow of drugs, and would also greatly reduce the flow of illegals – many of whom are gang members, drug pushers, repeated violent crime offenders, and terrorists.

This writer hopes the Democrats will see reason and get behind this new plan. If they do not, I hope the American people are paying attention and that the Politicrats have once and for all sealed their doom.

People that place whatever their desires are above the safety and security of America do not belong in office – period.


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