Monday, April 12, 2021
FEATURED ARTICLES What was Going on at the Bush Funeral? Hillary, Biden and Pence...

What was Going on at the Bush Funeral? Hillary, Biden and Pence all Received Mysterious Envelopes

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By Michael Snyder


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Shocking photographs and video footage from the funeral of George H.W. Bush clearly show some of the top leaders in the entire country receiving mysterious envelopes. And based on the reactions of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, whatever was in those envelopes did not take long to read and did not contain good news. At first, I thought that the most reasonable explanation was that everyone that attended the funeral must have received one of these envelopes inside their programs, but that was not the case. Video evidence shows that Hillary Clinton received an envelope, but former president Jimmy Carter who was seated directly next to her did not

After Hillary Clinton opened her program brochure at George H.W. Bush’s funeral, an envelope fell into her lap.


Former President Jimmy Carter, who was sitting to Clinton’s left, can be seen looking over at her and then checking if he got one too. He didn’t.

And here is video footage that shows this to be true

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And Hillary Clinton was not the only prominent Democrat to receive an envelope.

In this video, you can see Joe Biden getting one…

But the theory that it was just top Democrats that received envelopes was blown out of the water when a picture emerged of an envelope in Karen Pence’s program…

So exactly what are we supposed to make of all this, and why has the mainstream media been completely silent on this issue?

Perhaps it is possible that there was nothing noteworthy about these envelopes, but the faces of Joe Biden and his wife after receiving their envelope suggests otherwise…

If any of you find other evidence of these envelopes at George H.W. Bush’s funeral, please contact me and let me know.

It appears that something strange was going on, and the American people deserve an explanation…

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  1. It was after the funeral that President Trump said he was considering replacing Pence in 2020. So making a connection, I would assume that the envelopes did not contain good news. And the only thing that would scare any of them would be exposure, along the same lines of the dastardly deeds they’ve already been exposed for.

  2. Laura Bush got one. She showed it to Jeb who understood it at once and was visibly disturbed. That whole exchange was odd. At the time W hangs his head. Trump is staring at them the whole time despite the casket being walked down his other side.

  3. Wow this is the best article about this so far. Interesting that Pence got one too. He was mentioned years ago about ritual murder but the source was just some guy on youtube. This was before he was VP so its interesting. I think Marlene is right. There is dirt on all these people and i think this is how Trump plays the game. No fear.

    • No fear? It doesn’t take a stable genius to watch this president and read his poorly spelled tweets to see that the man is driven by insecurity, which is fear at its core.

      • You obviously do not understand Trump very well. Trump insecure? Are you nuts? No one that is insecure is going to be able to take on what he has, very few would be able to anyway.

      • Coded vs misspelled? humm… maybe you do not know Trump taught his son Chess and now at 11 years Baron Trump is a Grand Master like Bobby Fisher…

  4. It says, “You’re next.” Kidding, but the message or picture therein baffled Hillary, caused open-mouthed shocked expressions on both Bidens, had Dubya hanging his head, put a look of consternation on Laura’s face, and changed Jeb in an instant from a sentimental smile directed at the casket to a worried and distracted visage.

  5. From what I saw, it was all the First and Second ladies that got the envelope. Then they gave them to their husbands (with the exception of GW, he handed it to Laura). With Pedo-gate underway, what if it was lewd pictures of all those guys with minors? Some might say, “What about Hillary?” Did you see how her jaw clenched upon opening the letter inside? How many women did she have to shut-up because of Bill? Just my thoughts.


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