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Thursday –
September the 13th, 2018
Hebraic Year 5779

“Son of Man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me” (Ezekiel 3:17).

–     The role of a watchman is to warn and teach.
“…But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the Shofar, so that the people are warned; and then the sword comes and takes any one of them, I will hold the watchman responsible for the deaths” (Ezekiel 33:6).

Mentioned below is an outstanding communication written by a dear Sister-in-Yeshua, Miss Stephania.  I was blessed by a Divine Appointment to begin communicating with Stephanie a good couple of years ago, and then as an added gift, my wife and I enjoyed a fun day talking and walking the beach in southern California with this dear Prophetic Intercessor.  During dinner Stephania shared how the Lord was asking her to write and distribute a poignant letter for the Remnant Church.  Faithfully Stephanie commenced and produces a wonderful work as you will see and read below.  Please feel free to write her and ask to be included with her distribution list.  Sound the Shofar – Cry Out to Yahweh is a ministry for this day and time.  I am humbled to know this servant of Yeshua.  Her journey to this point in time has been a walk in faith and true submission to our friend, Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

Baruch Hashem Adonai!

Sound the Shofar, Reconstruction is Underway!

September 11, 2018

Shalom Praying Friends,

How fitting it is that the Lord would put upon my heart the message I am to deliver today.  Seventeen years ago, a day of destruction and death known as 9/11, occurred. A day associated with grief and shock. A day of pain when destinies were cut short.  A day of national mourning.

I bring a message of hope and encouragement to focus instead on love, responsibility and Kingdom mindedness.

3 years ago the Lord commissioned me to go to Washington DC and sound the shofar in front of the White House and on the steps of Congress. I did that.  Holy Spirit told me to declare the destiny of America. I did that.  On the steps of Congress, I looked up to the Capital dome when the Lord spoke into my spirit that He was going to re-construct the Congress of the United States and behold! The entire Capital dome was surrounded by construction scaffolding and rebar.

Several weeks ago I was again in Washington on assignment and saw something that brought joy to my heart.  Tourists and American citizens eager to take their photos in front of the White House to commemorate their trip. Because I was slow walking that area, I stopped frequently and offered to take the photos for people who were all crowding into the shot.  They especially wanted to pose with the background of the White House and a flag next to them that someone had erected on a stand, especially the international visitors.  They wanted to be seen with the White House and our Red/White/Blue flag, the Stars and Stripes.  It was their bragging rights! How different is that than what the media would have us believe! That America is not despised and cursed but desired and blessed.

In one of my observation points overlooking the entire DC area, in the clock tower of the Trump International Hotel, I took a photo of our Capital dome, the Congress on Pennsylvania Ave.  It was between safety wires installed to keep people from taking precarious photo poses. When I looked at the shot, it showed the Congressional building between what looks like prison bars. (see photo at the top of this letter).  I likened it to what the Lord was showing me, that many elected officials have been imprisoned.  They have become entrapped through untold drug addiction, scandalous behavior, corruption, seduced by fame and lack of accountability.  In that entrapment many have been blackmailed to make legislative decisions that have benefitted a few but not the righteous.  Many of them have thought they were above the law and no one saw. The rule of law became a mockery of double standards.  For us the believing constituents, we have cried out to the Lord to remove the unrighteous from the seat of authority.

I have watched and prayed because that’s my calling, to watch and pray and sound the shofar.  I watched as new leadership took the helm and in the midst of chaos in the press and on the streets and in family arguments and celebrities making fools of themselves I saw a recognition come into the hearts of man.  That America is not yet finished, that her greatest hour is yet to come.

In this hour, hearts are being revealed.  Unprecedented numbers of elected officials are resigning in disgrace and some are choosing not to seek re-election. Others who have become complacent in their position, are being defeated in the primary elections. Some that are rising up are not ideal candidates but rather avowed socialist/communists. Indeed we are watching tumultuous history being made.

The Lord is calling “new blood” to the forefront of governmental authority.  He is calling righteous men and women to run for office on a national, statewide, county wide and municipal level.  Recently I had opportunity to pray with a woman in northern California who against all odds is running for office and won the primary election.  She had no money, she had no experience BUT SHE HAD A CALL FROM THE LORD!  Despise not the days of small beginnings!

Today (in California) following early morning worship and prayer I was talking with another woman about the upcoming mid-term elections.  She relayed a story to me from her chiropractor. A patient had come in after the 2016 Presidential elections and was bragging that although she was not legally in the country she had found a way to vote 23 separate ballots and her husband had submitted 40.  She was apparently able to get away with it because the country she had come from had a tradition of multiple names all mixed into one so she got her ballots under many of the names she had registered!  It was outrageous and the chiropractor said she was thankful she had already treated the woman because otherwise she wanted to do her physical harm.

Imagine that! Illegal voters voted multiple times but many christians failed to vote at all, simply because they didn’t want to become involved in political endeavors.  Historical research has shown that christians frequently will vote in a presidential election but not in mid-terms because its not important enough to them.  In a presidential election, one man or woman is chosen to lead our nation,  but in the mid-term elections where Congress is elected, and Congress constructs the laws of our nation, they cannot be bothered.  But the WORD of God says that faith without works is useless!   I believe you can pray because I do so and often, but if you willingly choose not to participate in your right to vote your prayers can be pointless. Is someone going to drop out of the sky into that position? or will you have a part in it?

So here in California where we desperately need righteous leadership to change the course of our state I have become engaged in several projects to turnaround this state called the California Renewal Project  and Election Integrity Project California.  I am encouraging all who receive this letter to actively research your candidates in your states. Become involved in the electoral [process if possible. Don’t be tied to one political party but rather vote for the person who most closely represents what the Word of God says.  Are they Pro-Life? Do they support the Rule of Law? Do they support that marriage is between a man and a woman only?  Are they proponents of marijuana and safe drug injection sites? What do they propose to do with your tax money? The bottom line is that you must know what the Word of God, your BIBLE, says on all these matters.

In every state of the Union, If you have changed your name or residence, it is a requirement that you re-register to vote under the new name and the territory where you currently live.  If you are affected by these requirements I urge you to go to your nearest U.S. Post Office and get a voter registration card. You can also register to vote online. Here in California it has been discovered that the Department of Motor Vehicles was allowing even non-legal residents to register to vote. So now that has become an issue to combat in prayer as well.

So if the Lord is the architect of the United States of America through the written WORD and our founding fathers were the contractors through the Constitution that makes us the construction workers.  As the construction workers we can re-build this nation. Working in conjunction with the MASTER’s plans we can exercise our right to vote and pray for Godly men and women of righteousness to take their positions in leadership.
Are you ready to pray? Let’s do it!!!
Suggested Prayer
In all our prayers we pray in the name of our chief intercessor Yeshua.  Father God, we worship You as the One True Living God of Heaven and Earth.  You have been long-suffering and patient towards us.

Thank You for Your mercy and compassion upon America. In spite of our sinfulness, You forgive us when we repent with our whole hearts.
Today we are repenting for failing to do that which is right.  To vote in our nation when we had opportunity. For failing to vote for righteous leaders when we had opportunity.  For failing to pray for the leadership of our nation as Your Word has instructed us to do. For being lazy and ambivalent towards those who rule over us.   Father forgive us! Let us turn from our wicked ways! Heal our land Lord! 2Chronicles7:14

I wish to honor Intercessors for America  ifapray.org  for the following prayer guide:

I will restore your leaders as in days of old, your rulers as at the beginning. Afterward, you will be called the City of Righteousness, the Faithful City. Isa1:26

Father, we pray for those You are calling forth in this hour to lead in governmental positions. We pray that You would confirm the calling and election on their lives and that this assurance would keep them from stumbling. We pray that they would  fight the good  fight of faith and take hold of Your Word as their standard for truth. We pray that their calling would evidence a holy life that exhibits Your righteousness in all they do and say, for Your glory, alone.
2 Pt 1:10; 1 Tm 6:12; 2 Tm 1:9; Phil 3:13-14

Father, we ask that those who are running for office would do so in the fear of the Lord. We pray that they would consider carefully what they do, realizing they are not making decisions unto men, but will ultimately answer to You. May they judge carefully, free from injustice, partiality, and bribery. Thank You for the abundant good things You have stored up for them and for protecting them from human intrigue and accusing tongues. We ask that they would continually seek refuge in You alone. We pray that the fear of the Lord in their lives would cause them to shine as a light to the world, drawing others to the Truth. 2 Chr 19:5-7; Ps 31:19-20; Mt 5:14-16

Lord Jesus, we pray that those involved in the electoral process would not be drawn into evil or take part in evil deeds. We pray that integrity and uprightness would guide them and that any who are unfaithful would be exposed for their duplicity. Father, You declare that those who walk righteously and speak what is right, who reject gain from extortion and keep their hands from accepting bribes will dwell on the heights in righteousness and will find their needs supplied by You. May they do what is right in Your eyes, Lord. Ps 141:4; Prv 11:3; Is 33:15-16; 2 Cor 8:21

Lord, we thank You for Your victory over the adversary. We thank You that his plans cannot succeed—he is turned away at the power of Your Word. We declare that no candidate will be established through wickedness, and that those who walk in righteousness will be firmly planted by Your hand. Expose the schemes of the enemy and empower those faithful to Your Word to outwit his plans. We pray that any attack will only serve to strengthen the faith and resolve of those You are calling to run for office. We declare that Your truth will overshadow the lies and that manipulation, deception, and greed will bow to that which is true and holy.
Ps 21:11-12; Prv 12:2-3; 2 Cor 2:11; 1 Pt 5:10

Father, we pray for integrity to rule in the heart of each one who is in
office and who is running for office. Uphold them by Your Presence. May their eyes be fixed on You, keeping a clear conscience and giving careful thought to their steps. We pray that they would run their race as God’s servant, called to do good for the people they serve, free from selfish ambition and personal gain. We pray they would handle their  finances with integrity and owe no man anything, as they respect and honor the laws of the land.  Ps.41:11-12, Prv.4:25-27,Rom 13:4-7,1Pt.3:16  
Father, we pray that the electorate would discern truth in the fear of the Lord, not judging by what they see with their eyes or deciding by what they hear with their ears, but in righteousness and justice. We pray that those who walk in truth will be known by their fruit and the rebellious would stumble in their ways. Do not allow us to be conformed to the patterns of this world but be transformed in our thinking, testing all things by Your Word and Your Spirit. Help Your people to mature in discernment, distinguishing good from evil. Give us leaders who rightly discern Your Truth so they can lead citizens in righteousness and virtue. Is 11:3-4; Hos 14:9; Rom 12:2; Heb 5:14

Lord, we ask You to bless our leaders in government with pure hearts and clean hands. For those who do not walk in the way of the wicked, we pray their delight would be in the law of the Lord and they would yield good fruit from their labors and prosper in all their ways. We pray for meek leaders who will inherit the promises of God and enjoy peace and prosperity from Your hand. For those walking in darkness, we ask for Your mercy and pray that they would have a  firsthand encounter with Your love, Your truth, and Your power. We pray for our leaders to hold to righteousness and for those with clean hands to grow stronger. We pray that You would bless them abundantly so that in all things at all times, having all that they need, they will abound in every good work, for the glory of God. Ps 1:1-3, 37:11; Job 17:9; 2 Cor 9:8

Lord Jesus, we pray for all believers to honor Your Word through their voting. Remind us of Scriptures as we go to the polls so that we will uphold Your standard of righteousness in this election. May we vote for leaders who will honor the laws of this land put forth in the Constitution. May we vote for leaders who uphold biblical family values and the sanctity of life. May we elect leaders who believe in freedom of religion and speech so that no one will be bound to a spirit of slavery. We pray for leaders who will make wise laws to help the poor, assist the weak, and encourage work. May we elect leaders who seek the peace of Jerusalem and just and compassionate immigration policies. Keep us mindful of Your Word so that we will come into agreement with Your kingdom values and righteous rule. Is 11:3-4a; Heb 13:4; Gal 5:1, Ps 139:16; Eph 4:28; Ps 122:6-7; Acts 17:26-27

Father, we declare that the greatness of Your government and peace will never end! We rejoice in Your purpose to establish and uphold it with justice and righteousness from this time and forevermore. We pray that the mountain of the Lord would be established as the highest of the mountains and that all nations would flow to it for wisdom, truth, and that which is eternal. May our righteous laws reflect Your kingly authority and bring light to the nations. Bless all who are called to lead us and may they acknowledge that it is You, alone, who grants them the right to govern and lead the people. May Your kingdom advance in this nation. Is 9:7; 2:1-4; Rom 13:1-2.

Shalom and Amein!




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