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Science HOAX? The Apocalypse could come in the form of malicious AI from aliens who shut down Earth’s global power grid

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By Ethan Huff for Natural News

(Natural News) Science fiction is making headlines as actual news these days, suggesting that aliens from outer space are threatening to take down society using artificial intelligence, or AI. Researchers from Hawaii and Germany reportedly claim that aliens are already sending messages to humans that should be immediately deleted, lest they infect computer systems with malicious software that would result in an AI takeover.


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[Editor’s note: This claims sounds like bulls##t propaganda from the fake news media, but we are covering this story so that you know the latest nonsense being pushed by the establishment to try to make everybody in the world terrified of “aliens.” It’s like the “Russia hoax” on steroids, and it sounds like a cover story for a human-planned global false flag event, quite frankly. “The little green men did it!”]

A new paper entitled Interstellar Communication. IX. Message Decontamination is Impossible claims that extra terrestrials may already be in the process of trying to infect human computer systems with AI viruses for the purpose of bringing about widespread apocalypse to earth. And unless we stop accepting these messages, this threat could very soon become a reality.

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“Such a message cannot be decontaminated with certainty, and technical risks remain which can pose an existential threat,” the study’s researchers write. “Complex messages would need to be destroyed in the risk averse case.”

Reading alien correspondences, in other words, is inherently risky because we simply don’t know what might be hiding inside these message transmissions that might disrupt our human-engineered systems. The scientific consensus seems to be that aliens are smarter than humans, and that even an empty threat of shutting something down without actually following through with it could create enough panic to cause major societal problems.

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“As we realize that some message types are potentially dangerous, we can adapt our own peaceful transmissions accordingly,” they add. “We should certainly not transmit any code. Instead, a plain text encyclopedia, images, music, etc. in simple format are adequate. No advanced computer should be required to decrypt our message.”

“For anything more complex than easily printable images or plain text, the technical risks are impossible to assess beforehand.”

Researchers worried about alien computer viruses say it’s still important for humanity to join “galactic network”

Whether such a threat even exists at all remains questionable, as all this ET chatter could simply be a cover story for conditioning the public to blame a future false flag cyber attack instigated by rogue human elements on “aliens.” And yet, the narrative continues unabated as technocrats spread their version of what might one day take place.

What’s interesting is that these same folks seem eager to join the AI “brain” by syncing up human advancement with the “galactic network” of outer space. The researchers involved with this paper on alien hackers actually make the suggestion that joining up with the aliens could be beneficial, but that it needs to be approached with caution.

“It is always wise to understand the risks and chances beforehand, and make a conscious choice for, or against it, rather than blindly following a random path,” they contend. “Overall, we believe that the risk is very small (but not zero), and the potential benefit very large, so that we strongly encourage to read an incoming message.”

Astrophysicist Lucianne Walkowicz, who works at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, agrees. She believes that trying to contact non-human life could be catastrophic – and yet, at the same time, is intrigued by the idea of what might happen in the event that aliens turn out to have the best interests of humans in mind.

“It could be something that ends life on earth, and it might be something that accelerates the ability to live quality lives on earth,” she’s quoted as saying. “We have no way of knowing.”

On the other hand, physicist and former professor Stephen Hawking has compared the arrival of aliens to the arrival of Columbus in America, “which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans,” he noted.

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