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Strange energy pulse traversed America in 21 minutes

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By Dr. Eowyn

According to a YouTuber who calls himself MrMBB333, seismographs show that beginning at around 2:48 AM on Saturday, May 12, 2018, a wave of energy went from America’s east coast to the west coast in 21 minutes.

Assuming it’s 3,000 miles from coast to coast, this means the energy pulse traveled at a speed of 8,571 mph, which is 11.5 Mach.

The energy strength was the same all the way across the country. If it were an earthquake, which it wasn’t, it would be of 2.0 magnitude.

Below are the times when the energy wave hit each state, followed by a map of the USA on which I’ve painted (in red) the times:

2:48 AM – Maine
2:48 – Massachusetts
2:50 – New York
2:50 – Pennsylvania
2:50 – North Carolina
2:51 – Florida
2:52 – Virginia
2:52 – West Virginia
2:52 – Ohio
2:52/53 – Michigan
2:53 – Indiana
2:54 – Alabama
2:54 – Tennessee
2:55/56 – Mississippi
2:56 – Missouri
2:56 – Iowa
2:57/58 – Minnesota
2:58 – Kansas
3:02 – Oklahoma
3:02 – Texas
3:03 – Wyoming
3:04 – Colorado
3:02/05 – Montana
3:06 – Arizona
3:07 – Idaho
3:08 – Oregon
3:09 – Washington

↓Click map to enlarge↓

What do you think it was?

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