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Amerikan Visionary Suggests Million Pope March On Christian Education Conference

By Scott Buss

Ever had the urge to protest a bunch of unrepentantly backward-thinking yahoos who just won’t get with your Social Justice program?

Ever had the itch to picket a Christian conference on education that won’t submit to the hierarchal ranking of sin as decreed by your Great Leader(s)?

Ever been bit so bad by the SJW bug that you just had to dedicate at least a day or two to hurling The Race Card at a group of pseudo-Christians who actually have the nerve to disagree with your ideas on sin hierarchy and church composition?

If so, I’ve got some good news for you: The Pope is mobilizing.

Or, to be more precise, the wannabe Popes are mobilizing, with said wannabes in this scenario being zealous members of the Marinovian Industrial Complex, a group of self-described Christian Reconstructionists who are out to reshape Christendom in a way that liberates it from the other Ministerial Industrial Complexes that have failed to live up to (or is that down to?) the standards of the Marinovian Industrial Complex, whose increasingly SJW, church-undermining views are most prominently disseminated by way of Reconstructionist Radio and The American Vision. (For more context and detail on the Marinovians vs. Christian Education Conference deal, please read Cultural Marxism & The Marinovian Industrial Complex.)

So it looks like #OccupyNonSJWChristianity is about to get real.


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Whether or not the wannabe Popes of Marinovia will actually mobilize and get their Inquisition on in this instance is yet to be determined, but one mid-level Branch Marinovian is encouraging the idea. This particularly rabid devotee and regular American Vision contributor has been spotted on social media making the case for a “Church Repent” team being deployed to confront those participating in a Christian conference on education being put on in October by the Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society. (Which I now hope to attend, by the way. To register, head on over to the conference’s website by clicking here.)

Here’s an example of the Pope mobilization effort in question:

So “if the man is an elder, or if the man even meets the qualifications, then he’ll be correctable.”

And “Church repent isn’t for just one sin”.

Okay, fair enough.

But isn’t this whole approach problematic in some fundamental ways? Doesn’t the line of thought on display here require thinking observers to ask certain questions, like:

Does anyone have a copy of the list of sins that justify “Church Repent” deployment?

If so, is that list composed in order of seriousness?

And where’s the cutoff, exactly?

Where are the lines of intolerable awfulness defined in Marinovianism?

And who defines them?

Are those lines, if they exist, fixed things? Or are they shifting?

Who decides whether they’re fixed or shifting and, if they’re shifting, who decides when, where, and how dramatically they shift?

Is every wannabe Pope in the “priesthood of believers” promoted by the Marinovian Industrial Complex equally entitled to make adjustments as they see fit, or are some Popes more Popey than others on the Branch Marinovian farm?

By what consistently applied standard does the Amerikan Vision define character? How do passages like Titus 3:10 and 2 Timothy 2:24 shape that standard?

By what consistently applied standard do Amerikan Visionaries express outrage, hurl attacks, and call church leaders to repent by way of picketing (or threatening to picket) their gatherings? How does a passage like Romans 16:17 impact that standard?

By what consistently applied standard does the Amerikan Vision define qualifications for church leadership? How do passages like Titus 1:6-9; 1 Timothy 3:1-7, and 2 Timothy 2:24 mold that standard?

By what consistently applied standard does the Amerikan Vision define church discipline?

Standards seem to be last thing that Amerikan Vision Popes/Prophets/Inquisitors are interested in applying consistently…all while simultaneously claiming to champion the “by what standard?” line of Christian Reconstruction.

They act as though they’re free to selectively apply any “standard” in any way that suits them at any given moment, no matter how dramatically it might contradict what they said or did yesterday, or what they plan on saying or doing tomorrow.

Then again, why would anyone expect anything resembling such consistency from a Complex being advanced by a gaggle of self-appointed Popes?

What self-respecting Pope is gonna let a little thing like consistency get in his way?

The ends justify the means.

That’s “the standard”.

That’s how Popes and wannabe Popes do things. That’s how Inquisitors roll.

Even so, I hope to see you in October at the Future of Christendom conference on Transforming the Culture Through Education…whether the Popes make it or not.

Republished with permission Fire Breathing Christian


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