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By Dr. Eowyn

As America devolves into a Third World country, the country literally is going to the toilet.

The streets of liberal cities, especially San Francisco, are mine-fields of feces and urine. To accommodate the homeless, Denver, CO even decriminalized public defecation. Scientists warn us about fecal contamination of newly purchased clothing. “Celebrities” openly advocate rimming — the licking of another’s anus, while “gay” men sound the alarm about an outbreak of intestinal parasites from ingesting feces during rimming.



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So it’s only fitting that our children are being prepared, accustomed and programmed for living with filth via poop toys.

The AP reports (via WSMV), April 20, 2018, that Mattel, a company best known for its clean-cut Barbie dolls, is set to release a game called Flushin’ Frenzy that sends a brown plastic poop flying into the air.

Mattel's poop toy Flushin' Frenzy

Mattel’s rival, Hasbro, whose water-squirting game Toilet Trouble was a hit last year, released Don’t Step In It, a game where players are blindfolded and have to avoid stepping in poop that’s molded out of a clay-like substance.

Hasbro's Don't Step In It board game

Juli Lennett, the toy analyst at market research company The NPD Group, says “Yeah, poop is a theme. Kids think it’s funny.”

At the New York Toy Fair this weekend, toy makers showed off poop-shaped action figures and squishy toys, including:

  • Hog Wild’s Sticky the Poo, a squishy poop with eyes which clings to walls and ceilings when thrown. There is even a rainbow version called Sticky Unicorn Poo.
  • Flush Force, by toy maker Spin Master, sells 150 nickel-sized mutant critters that kids can collect.
  • Poopeez makes tiny squishy POS (pieces of shit) with character names such as Pooji, Skid Mark and Dumpling.

Ashley Mady

Ashley Mady, who created Poopeez and works for toy company Basic Fun, says Poopeez are aimed at boys aged 7-years-old and up. She thinks the appeal will spread because “We really believe poop is for everyone.”

H/t FOTM‘s Stovepipe


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