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By Onan Coca

I don’t believe anything that dictator Bashar al-Assad says, but I have a hard time believing anything that any foreign (and most domestic) leaders say.

I will admit that his decision to shift blame to Al Qaeda is a convenient one, but it’s also not a far-fetched argument either. It’s very possible that Al Qaeda could have staged the chemical weapons attack in Douma, in an effort to get allied Western forces (namely the USA, France, and the UK) to attack the Syrian government for them. It makes a lot of sense, because our allied powers have the ability to do much more damage against the Syrian forces (and much more swiftly) than the anti-Assad rebels do.



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For the time being our leaders in the West are telling us that Assad’s regime is behind the attack, and while I don’t generally find our leaders credible… they are more credible to me than a dictator who has gassed his people in the past.

However, I thought you should hear from Assad and make your own decision on who’s telling the truth.

In a recent press conference the Syrian dictator told the gathered media that his forces did not use chemical weapons, but that it was Al Qaeda disguised as rescue workers who carried out the attack.

“The allegations itself if by al Qaeda and al Nusra front. They announced it. It is not clear if it happened or not. You have a lot of fake videos now.

They are al Qaeda, they are al-Nusra Front who shave their beards, wore white hats, and appeared as humanitarian heroes.

We don’t know whether those dead children… were they dead at all, who committed the attack if there was an attack. You have no information at all, no one has investigation.

We do not have an arsenal we would not use it.” 

No word yet from our government on Assad’s claims, but Ambassador Nikki Haley and President Trump have both laid blame at the feet of the Syrian government, while also blasting their allies in Russia and Iran for enabling the terrible chemical attack.

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