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The Western and American Gnostic Caste System

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By Linda Kimball

Without our realizing it, the chief ancient and modern rival of supernatural Christianity–Gnostic Modernism (occult pantheism)—has triumphed over the West and America.   It emerged out of the Renaissance, a time of revitalization of ancient mystery religions, spiritism, magic, pantheist animism, and inverse evolutionary origin accounts,  and began its’ infiltration of the American Christian church at the beginning of the last century.   In speaking of its’ inroads J. Gresham Machen said,

A terrible crisis has arisen in the Church. In the ministry of evangelical  churches are to be found hosts of those who reject the gospel of Christ. By the  equivocal use of traditional phrases, by the representation of differences of  opinion as though they were only differences about the interpretation of the  Bible, entrance into the Church was secured for those who are hostile to the  very foundations of the faith. And now there are some indications that the  fiction of conformity to the past is to be thrown off, and the real meaning of  what has been taking place is to be allowed to appear. The Church, it is now  apparently supposed, has almost been educated up to the point where the shackles  of the Bible can openly be cast away and the doctrine of the Cross of Christ can  be relegated to the limbo of discarded subtleties.” (Liberalism or Christianity, Machen, The Princeton Theological Review, Vol. 20, No. 1, 1922, Page 93, Whitehorse Inn)

For faithful orthodox Christians, the ‘very foundations of the faith’ are the first eleven chapters of the Book of Genesis and to a greater degree, the Christian worldview.  Genesis is the Divine account of the origin of the universe, of all life, of the creation and purpose of man and woman, the foundation and purpose of marriage, the roles of the two sexes male and female, and of the value of children.

In His divine revelation God also tells us what went wrong with the world and man in the account of the fall and reveals something of man’s cosmic adversary and his timeless methods of deception and seduction used to lead men away from God.  Thus the question of evil, suffering, and death is explained in the first eleven chapters of Genesis as well as the ‘fix,’ meaning the only way of salvation.

Gnostic Modernism (mystical pantheist spirituality) and its’ materialist evolutionary counterpart are subtly disguised syncretic mixtures of Babylonian Cabalism, ancient Egyptian Hermetic magic, the Mysteries from the time of Babylon, spiritual evolution, Greek and Roman nature religions,Hinduism, Buddhism, reincarnation, karma and an inverted evolutionary account bespeaking the evolutionary transformation of various creatures into human beings.

The primary doctrine for both variations is an inverted evolutionary account of origins.  Other commonalities are denial of creation ex nihilo, the incarnation and deity of Jesus Christ and His resurrection, and  denial of hell.  Gnostics of both stripes find salvation in the gnosis of elite men such as scientists, philosophers, and spiritual gurus and either teach a godless evolving  universe of matter or a pantheist based conception of God as divine energy, Life force, Mind of the Universe, Christ consciousness, or Omega, for example.    Gnostic Modernism further claims that as God is supposedly in everything, and everything is continuously evolving, then God is always in process of ‘becoming’ or ‘changing.’   Thus all things, including the Bible and the Christian church, the two sexes, truth, and moral laws must change or become ‘contemporary’ too.

Within Darwinian biological evolution, evolutionary dynamics are not empirical science but rather metaphysical conceptions while in theological modernism they are spiritual conceptions.  From the time of the Renaissance when high-ranking, influential Christian Churchmen, intellectuals, and mystics had rejected the fundamental teachings of Christian theism in favor of the Mysteries, Cabalism and other ancient creeds on through to the German Idealists of early 19th century, evolution was viewed as a spiritual conception bespeaking progress (transformation) of spirit over time within many different bodies.

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The German Idealists were mystical philosophers of pantheism who predated Darwin’s Origin of Species by at least half a century.  In 1799 the mystic philosopher Friedrich Schelling summarized what was fascinating him as well as his mystical contemporaries such as J.G. Fichte and the occult Hermetic magician Hegel:

History as a whole is a progressive, gradually self-disclosing revelation of the Absolute.” (A Brief History of Evolutionary Spirituality, Tom Huston)

The modern conception of spiritual evolution can be traced to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.  Writing on “The Ultimate Origin of Things” in the year 1697—six years after speculating in his Protogaeathat over the vast course of the earth’s history “even the species of animals have many times been transformed” he claimed that,

a cumulative increase of the beauty and universal perfection of the works of God, a perpetual and unrestricted progress of the universe as a whole must be recognized, such that it advances to a higher state of development.”

Though the idea that man and creation are not fallen but rather evolving upward from primordial matter in a ceaseless ascent toward perfection had already been intuited over seventy years earlier by the German mystic Jakob Böhme, it was Leibniz who first placed it in a scientific context.

Over the next few decades Gnostic thinkers such as Diderot, Maupertuis, Buffon, and Voltaire all wrote about the fascinating topic of evolution but, “like any self-respecting champions of the Age of Enlightenment, rarely felt compelled to inject divinity into their more scientific speculations.”

By upholding the liberating power of rationalism, science and evolution to subvert the fundamentals of the Bible and Christian theism, they actively sought to draw a clear distinction between science and spirituality, reason and religion.  In this context, through much of the eighteenth century, the many musings about the idea of evolution frequently took on a strictly naturalistic or materialistic tone:

It was only around 1799, ten years after the storming of the Bastille, which ignited the French Revolution and cemented the success of the rational Enlightenment in the annals of the Western mind, that these varied intimations of evolution finally congealed into a cohesive new model of reality. Arising, once again, from the fertile depths of the German zeitgeist, it was a cosmological and metaphysical paradigm that seamlessly united science and spirituality—an evolutionary vision that stretched from the simplest atoms of the distant past to a sacred future in which human society would perfectly reflect the transcendent unity of the Divine. ” (ibid, Huston)

In his essay, “The Paganization of New Testament Studies,” Dr. Peter Jones exposes theological progressivism as neo-pagan Gnosticism and writes that throughout its history, its’ primary goal has been the,

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“… importation into the church via the use of Christian terminology, of the various historic expressions of pagan notions, in particular, the denial of God’s transcendence. In this sense, the first “liberals” were the Gnostics. Certainly a form of Gnosticism, sometimes called proto-Gnosticism is behind the denial of the incarnation in the Johannine epistles, and of the resurrection in the early and later Paulines. Interestingly, the Liberals of the modern period have had great admiration for the proto-Gnostics, in particular, Marcion. In A.D. 150, Marcion, a theologian from Pontus in Asia Minor, was excommunicated from the Church in Rome for heretical teaching. He dismissed God the Creator, the Old Testament, the Mosaic law, and three of the gospels. From the few epistles of Paul that he accepted, he expunged Old Testament quotations and claimed to worship the “alien god” behind the God of Scripture. “

Twentieth century’s most dangerous expression of secular Gnosticism was Marxist Communism, a form of Manichean Gnosticism.  Also called scientific socialism, Marxist Communism was the first natural religion of scientific evolutionary Gnostic atheism to emerge out of the “God is dead” Enlightenment period.  Since scientific socialism is a religion of  ‘matter’ and the energies that work on matter it requires the unmaking of man created in the spiritual likeness of the living, personal Creator.

Bella Dodd was an important leader of the Communist Party of America (CPUSA) in the 1930′ s and 1940’s. Her book, “School of Darkness” (1954) reveals that Communism—the promise of a utopia– was a hoax perpetrated by a banker/corporatist coterie “to control the common man” and to advance world tyranny.  In chapter eleven of Dodd’s book she notes that the unmaking of man as God’s spiritual image-bearer is the key to the spiritual, intellectual and physical enslavement of mankind:

This is the key to the mental enslavement of mankind: that the individual is made into nothing, that he operates as the physical part of what is considered a higher group intelligence and acts at the will of that higher intelligence….”

The mental and physical enslavement (dehumanization of the masses) is required by highly evolved gnostikoi (pneumatics), proud spiritual elites who see themselves as the only ones capable of reason and of ordering the lives of everyone else, right down to the smallest detail.

In “Against the Protestant Gnostics,” (p. 34) pastor and theologian Philip J, Lee writes that gnostikoi take it upon themselves to divide humankind into three categories:

1. Somatic (hylic): the masses of unevolved mindless beast-men who are content to exist on a bodily level: eating, drinking, defecating, sleeping, partying, copulating, sodomizing each other, and dying.  Hylic are mere beast-men beyond help.

2. Psychics: those who function at the higher level of mind, intellect, emotions—the commonsense types who comprise the majority of the Church, Tea Partiers, etc.

3. Pneumatics: the elite spiritual gnostikoi—-the man-gods comprising America’s Progressive Ruling Class.

The Gnostic Basilides, when asked if somatics could really be called men at all, categorically denied it.   Sounding just like modern gnostic Marxists, their fascist brethren and America’s gnostic “elites” who dehumanized the masses in order to destroy the family, enslave, manipulate, propagandize, indoctrinate, gas, starve to death, euthanize and abort them, Basilides said:

We are men; all the others are pigs and dogs.”  (ibid, Lee)

Modern Gnostic regimes (Marxist Communism, Hitler’s Socialism) began by rejecting the Triune God and Christ’s deity, denying objective standards of right and wrong, and forcing Darwinism—which dehumanizes mankind—onto an unwitting population.   Darwinism allows the gnostikoi to throw out sanctity of life and reduce mankind to matter in motion.  The end case in every instance, was to place absolute power over dehumanized masses (somatics) in the hands of antihuman psychopaths and autocratic states to be wielded without restraint or mercy.

Of all belief systems, modern Gnosticism has been by far the bloodiest.  In his book, Death by Government, R.J. Rummel comprehensively details the roughly 170 million people murdered by Gnostic governments during the 20th century.

Even at its mildest, as is thus far the case here in America, there is a steady level of lying, confiscation, corruption, fraud, and stifling of freedoms and free speech.  For the first time ever, Americans are afraid of saying certain words.  Parents fear disciplining their own children.  More ominously, the gnostikoi in control of American institutions—government, seminaries, education, media, science, finance, and law have nearly succeeded in replacing the living, transcendent God with Darwinism, thus allowing them to throw out both sanctity of life and objective standards.  “We the people” have been dehumanized—reduced to matter and energy in motion.

As early as 1926, President Calvin Coolidge was aware of and deeply concerned by the insidious spread evolutionary materialism (Gnostic neo-paganism) in America.  As he knew, Americans are free only because of the supernatural Judeo-Christian foundation laid by the country’s founders.  In a speech he delivered in Philadelphia (July 5, 1926) to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence he tried to call Americans back to their Biblically-based heritage.

He reminded Americans that the Declaration’s principles of liberty arise from man’s God-given inalienable rights.  And these are found, said Coolidge,

in the texts, the sermons, and the writings of the early colonial clergy…”  The clergy preached equality “because they believed in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.”  Sanctity of life, the right to self-defense, and all the rest of our individual liberties were justified “by the text that we are all created in the divine image, all partakers of the divine spirit.”  God’s children therefore, have no “superiors” there are no modern-day “divine rights kings”  (or gnostikoi) who possess “any right to rule…over them.” (Back Fired, William Federer, pp. 269-271)

The Declaration,

“(is) a great spiritual document.”  Its principles are not material but spiritual.  “Equality, liberty, popular sovereigntythe rights of man—these are not elements we can see and touch.  They are ideals (whose) source androots (are) in religious convictions.  They belong to the unseen world.” (ibid)

President Coolidge cautioned Americans that,

“……unless the faith of the Americans in these religious convictions is to endure, the principles of our Declaration will perish.  We can not continue to enjoy the result if we abandon the cause.” (ibid)

Coolidge ended his speech with a stark warning:

We must not sink into a pagan materialism…”  

Issuing another wake-up call, Dr. Jones closed his essay with a warning that comes from Johannes van Oort, Professor of church history and the history of dogma at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, and world expert on Manichean Gnosticism.  Oort states a fact and gives a challenge:

“…Gnosis in one form or another is expected to become the main expression of secular religion in the new millennium. In order to equip the Church for this new age, the scientific study of Gnosticism is vital.”

Republished with permission Patriots & Liberty


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