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The Astounding Depravity of the Left: Eating Human Beings is ‘Enlightened’

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By Greg Holt

(The Olive) This really takes the cake, beyond disgusting and perverted – there is a restaurant in Los Angeles, California (anyone surprised where it’s located?) that actually specializes in serving human flesh for a person’s dining pleasure, i.e. cannibalism.

This restaurant serves only human flesh, the “enlightened” dine on “cuisine” that is – “a study in taste and elegance”. Are you ready to barf yet? How can anyone sit down and “dine” on a fellow human being’s flesh? How can they do it? This is not a best-cut steak cooked to juicy and tasty perfection, it’s another human being’s body that was cut up and cooked.

The so-called restaurant, the Cannibal Club even brags that one of their very own members was “served” as a meal to other club members and even her own family. How deranged is that?

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The Cannibal Club even goes so far as to state that eating a fellow human being is a preferred alternative to cremation and burial – we sure would not want to waste any precious tasty human flesh now would we?
To wit:

Gwendoline Fenwich, who was served to her friends and relatives at the Club in January of 2008, being prepared as a meal, and thereby reborn into the bodies of the living, is an attractive alternative to the more traditional practices of burial and cremation. (source)

Being served as a meal to others when you die allows for a person to be reborn into the bodies of the living. How extremely perverted is that? Does this strike anyone else as an extreme perversion of the Lord’s Supper? Or maybe as a super deranged perversion of the hope of eternal life? Remember here, I am thinking Satan, Satan can and will copy all that Jesus did and commanded that we do, and turn it into a perversion and a mockery of God.

VIP members of the Cannibal Club supposedly include:

Katy Perry (who openly admits selling her soul to the devil)

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper

Chelsea Clinton

Meryl Streep

Supposedly (I’m not going to invest the time to research this) cannibalism is not illegal in the U.S. How can this be?

This writer would not at all be surprised if John Podesta was a member of this club that regularly “dines” on human flesh. Podesta has a painting that depicts cannibalism and as well participates in another disgusting practice known as “spirit cooking.”

I want to mention here another utterly disgusting practice: items of human apparel made from human skin – yes you read that right. There is actually a company that offers the “discerning” and “enlightened” person the opportunity to own the finest in leather products, all made from human skin.

These people are so far gone, so severely deranged that I believe there is no hope for them. What is really scary is that some of these people are leaders in government and in the entertainment industry.

I have to ask yet again – who in their right mind could sit down to enjoy a meal made from the flesh of another human being? Who could proudly wear any leather item made from the skin of another human? What is wrong with these people?

This writer will say it: people who adhere to the Leftist/Progressive/Socialist philosophy are sick, deranged and dangerous people. Obviously not all Leftists eat other people, but what about the Left’s willing ability to destroy all who do not meekly follow orders? What about the Left’s rampant corruption on a scale never before seen in this country? What about the intense social media censoring designed to silence all who appose the Left’s deranged and criminal attempts to retain control of the U.S? The Left’s calls for gun control that will accomplish nothing except to disarm law-abiding citizens who would help protect Americans?

If eating our fellow human beings as a “tasty” meal and wearing leather products made from human skin is “enlightened”, then I have no desire to be enlightened whatsoever. If the Left’s ideals are the future of this country, this author has no inclination to follow them. I will stick to being a God-fearing conservative Christian human being, the Left be damned (not literally).

Who is with me?

H/T to Dr. Eowyn – Fellowship of the Minds


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About Greg Holt

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  1. There’s only one explanation for this perverted behavior and the sick minds that approve it —
    —–demon possessed! It also makes me wonder, since your other author wrote about this, he said they prefer “young and healthy.” That makes me wonder if there isn’t more to the “sex trafficking” going on with street kids being snatched up – yum?

    • Good points Sue, and very possible. I would put nothing past these sick twisted people. Some may be and likely are demon possessed but the majority are only too willing to follow these fools into any and all forms of debauchery, its a whole different mindset centered on satisfying ones every whim while nothing is out of bounds to do so.

  2. I believe this country is under judgement because many have turned their back on God.The last president illegally allowed the Supreme Court to pass same sex marriage and legal.I think with Trump as president and a massive return to God we might be forgiven and judgement withheld at least temporarily.I just finished the book The Harbinger and the parallels between ancient Israel when they turned from God and America is frightening and undeniable.If we don’t turn back to God judgement will come,sooner rather then later.

    • Yes Steve you are 100% correct. We can can only hope and pray that more people will come to see the truth. Not just the truth of God Almighty, but the truth of the Leftist Progressives that are slowly destroying this country but are seemingly to ignorant to understand that they are at the same time signing their own death warrant.

  3. Together with Marxist Communism, Nazi Socialism, ‘God is dead’ theology, and Luciferianism, Progressivism is a movement of ‘new’ Gnostic pantheism and paganism within which ‘enlightenment’ is from the dark side.. “It represents the ultimate inversion and reversion of the Triune God, His creation, Satan, reality, good and evil, and the fall of Adam and Eve” (Back to Mars Hill: Baphomet, Cyborgs, etc. my latest piece on my website)

    • Well said Linda. The depravity on display is horrifying, but I believe there is worse to come. Many of the “masses” whether or not they realize it – either directly or indirectly follow the god of this world, Satan.

  4. I don’t know if this is real or not and I’m not a Christian, though I do have Christian friends and consider myself a good person, liberals are so depraved, so revolting, so nauseating, so filthy, so devoid of morals, compassion, and common sense, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it is true. I am SO SICK of these worthless commies! They have become so stupid, sick, dangerous and unhinged that lifelong democrats are leaving the party of misery, poverty, filth, helplesness, reeloading, censorship, open borders/mass 3rd world migration, business strangling regulations, and high taxes in DROVES!

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