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For Your Consideration

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By John Miltenberger


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Ref: Ezekiel 47:2-5

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Don’t we live in interesting times?! I never thought I’d see the day when the Democratic Party became shamelessly unmasked and revealed as the Socialist Party it’s always been. Nor did I foresee a time in our history when one of our political parties would become such an open purveyor of hatred. I guess it crept up on me. Something else that I believe crept up on me is the end-times great move of the Holy Spirit we’ve been praying about. What does not surprise me is the concurrency of both phenomenon.

I suppose to some degree, most of us are captives to our perceptions. I always thought the ‘next great move of God’ would break upon us suddenly like a spiritual explosion and a sudden revelation God’s immediate presence and power. To be clear, the explosion may yet happen, for how God chooses to reveal Himself is totally up to Him, but as a sign of the beginning of the move we’ve prayed about, I doubt it. And I submit this piece for your consideration.

Last night I attended a men’s intercessory prayer group. Seven were present, and as we began to pray, I asked God to “give me something”. As the intensity of the prayers ratcheted up, I became more withdrawn, to my dismay. I began to feel as if I was watching the group from a distance, and it bothered me that I was not able to enter in. Then I began to see a picture in my mind…

I see lots of stuff in my mind, as do all humans, I suspect, but how to determine if what we see is from God? If what I see is not obviously over the known line of biblical principles, and is merely not understood, I tend to back-burner it for a time. If it returns the next day, it may be worthy of my consideration, and quite often I completely forget what I saw by the next day. Anyway, that’s how I do it. However, if the vision fits within the biblical framework and I also get a very clear instruction to air it, I will share it immediately.

You may have another way that works for you, but the general rule though is that anything given to us by God will never violate clear scriptural principles or objectives. Nor will it violate what we know of God’s nature and attributes. And the Holy Spirit (not our own spirit) should always be allowed to dictate how we handle what we’ve been given, and God’s Spirit is not disruptive nor out of order. He does not seek to draw attention to Himself or the vessel He chooses to use.

So last night as fervent prayers were being offered to God by the other six men, and I was quietly praying in the Spirit, I saw that I was standing in a shallow river. It was wide, but I could easily stand on the bottom. Then the waters began to come up and get deeper. Before the vision ended, the water was up to my armpits, and the Spirit made me understand, “It has already begun.” I put the vision on the back burner as it didn’t seem to fit what the others were praying for or talking about. But this morning, the vision came up in my mind again, and I submit it for your consideration, and I say that because I do not consider myself infallible, regardless of what I hear or see.

God is in charge of the earth and its courses. The times are in His capable hands. Having said that, I’m submitting that the ‘next great move of God’ is already beginning, and we dare not wait for it to appear as we think it will. And while I’m certain we will see incredible displays of God’s great miracle-working power in the future, those signs and wonders are not the beginning, and unless He corrects and countermands what I’ve seen, I’ll place my money on the rising waters I saw.

Stop waiting for “IT” to happen. It has begun.

For your consideration,


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