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Democratic Operatives File Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Devin Nunes in Direct Retaliation for His Investigation Into Fusion GPS and Clinton Corruption

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By Alex Thomas


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In a transparent attempt at retaliation against Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, a government “watchdog” group has filed an ethics complaint against the congressman over alleged leaks of confidential information to the media.

The complaint was filed by the Campaign for Accountability, a group that is literally entirely composed of obvious Democratic operatives but one that has laughably been labeled nonpartisan in multiple fake news reports that have acted as if the ethics complaint has credibility when it reality it is nothing more than a direct attack on Nunes for investigating and then exposing Fusion GPS.

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An article published by the liberal Huffington Post, and then republished on the highly popular Yahoo homepage, not only claims the group is nonpartisan, it also accidentally admits that the ethics complaint was actually filed over anger that Fusion GPS has been exposed as nothing more than Democratic operatives who paid a former spy to obtain false info, from Russian sources, about Donald Trump.

The complaint, filed by the nonpartisan Campaign for Accountability, calls on the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate whether Nunes or committee staff leaked closed-door testimony of the head of the company that produced the bombshell dossier of Russian information on Donald Trump.


Parts of the confidential testimony apparently were “selectively leaked” to discredit Fusion GPS and to “retaliate against Fusion for its role in investigating” Trump and his campaign’s ties to Russia, according to the complaint. It alleges the leak further aimed to “deter the firm from engaging in any continued investigation.”


The Campaign for Accountability complaint also says Nunes or his staff “improperly obtained” information about the identity of Fusion’s bank from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Nunes subsequently issued a subpoena for bank records without anyone’s approval — and likely leaked the bank’s identity to the press, the complaint says. Nunes recused himself from the House Russian probe in April after officials revealed he was under investigation for possible leaks.


Nunes went after the bank’s records in an attempt to identify who had hired Fusion for the dossier, the complaint says. Fusion GPS was paid during the GOP primaries by the conservative website Washington Free Beacon. Once Trump won the primary, the research was funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Make no mistake, this is literally Fusion GPS and Clinton/Obama operatives retaliating against those that have exposed their corruption, with the compliant establishment media only too happy to pretend otherwise.

Reading through the actual complaint on the fake watchdog groups website, one can easily conclude that this has nothing to do with holding those in power accountable and everything to do with punishing Nunes as well as attempting to scare off any others in Congress who may continue their investigation.

It is also important to note that the Democratic attack dogs specifically mention the release of the name of the bank that Fusion GPS used multiple times in their complaint which has led many to believe that this information is crucial in the ongoing investigation.

Additionally, it is unbelievably rich to have a group of Democratic operatives claiming the moral high ground regarding leaks to the media when the entire first year of Trump’s presidency has been one anti-Trump leak after another, all fed to a mainstream media only too eager to hurt the president.

With that being said, the Nunes investigation clearly has the Clinton crime machine running scared, and, as more Americans throw their support behind it, one can imagine that we will continue to see even more desperate attempts to discredit a very real and legitimate inquiry.

Republished with permission The Daily Sheeple

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