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Top 10 ways to get deathly sick that no medical doctor will be able to solve


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By S. D. Wells for Natural News

(Natural News) Just because the United States is very advanced as far as industry, military and technology are concerned, this is in no way reflected by the corrupt medical and food industries, that are in the business of making innocent people sick and profiting off their perpetual (and virtually useless) chronic symptom care. It’s ironic that people have so much faith in chemotherapy, when the average failure rate is over 97 percent. Would you buy any other medicine if it read on the label there was less than a three percent chance it worked? Would you buy a car or an i-phone that had a three percent chance of working? What about nutritional supplements?

The boondoggle of Western medicine has “built-in” failure features that medical doctors don’t care about, and even if they did care, couldn’t do anything to change. Most non-infectious diseases and disorders in America are caused by chemicals in food and chemicals in medicine, and rare is the M.D. who will tell you to change nearly everything about your eating habits, much less explain in great detail that medication side effects are usually worse than the ailment being addressed. What good is eight years of medical school if all you learn how to do is juggle chemical medications? Sounds like a sick circus. Still, round and round goes the sick care merry-go-round, while the doctors get richer and the consumers get sicker. What’s the cure?

Have you been told you must eat meat to get enough protein and iron? Are you brainwashed to actually believe milk makes for stronger bones? Has your IQ been lowered so much by sodium fluoride in tap water that you think added fluoride helps clean your teeth and prevent cavities? Is your medical doctor prescribing pharmaceuticals to combat the symptoms and side effects from your other medications? Have you ever read the insert page for vaccines or flu shots? The ingredients will blow your mind (maybe literally), and you may stop wondering from where all of your children’s severe allergies stem. So, with all of that in mind, here are the top 10 ways to get deathly sick within 10 years in ways that no medical doctor will be able to solve (even though it’s all preventable). Remember, the following top ten list tells you what NOT to do!

1. Eat GMOs daily

Here’s the perfect example of technology gone awry. Just because scientists are wearing lab coats and looking through microscopes doesn’t mean the research is in the best interest of agriculture, the environment, farm animals or human health. The main goal of biotechnology and genetically modified organisms in food is to kill weeds and insects, with absolutely NO regard to anything else. Beware of anything GMO – none of it has ever been proven “safe or effective,” though they lie and preach that it all has by some worldly “consensus.” Chemical pesticides can cause cancer, dementia, severe allergies and central nervous system damage.

2. Drink tap water daily

Most U.S. municipal tap water contains deadly sodium fluoride (a known carcinogen and insecticide imported from China), artificial sweeteners, other people’s prescription medications, chlorine, and several heavy metal toxins, including aluminum and lead.

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3. Take prescription medications daily

Nearly every single chemical medication ever prescribed adds to an acidic pH in the body which exacerbates inflammation, causes dehydration, and eventually cancer. Then there is the laundry list of side effects that are usually WORSE than the problem being treated.

4. Get the flu shot every year

Most influenza vaccines contain high levels of mercury (listed as thimerosal), but that’s just the beginning. No human should ever have brain-damaging aluminum, foreign animal proteins, or formaldehyde directly injected into muscle tissue, ever!

5. Consume artificial sweeteners daily (aspartame, sucralose, sorbitol)

Anything created in a laboratory, like synthetic sugar, is not natural and will warp your cells. The cumulative effect of warped cells is a word that starts with the letter “c.” Medical doctors say there’s no cure for this and prescribe chemotherapy, which causes more irregular cell division and uncontrolled multiplication.

6. Use personal care products daily that contain parabens, phthalates, aluminum and sodium laurel sulfate

Your skin is your largest organ. Don’t “feed it” chemicals! If the ingredients of your personal care products aren’t edible or even legible, avoid them.

7. Eat foods that are artificially colored and artificially flavored

Want a man-made disease or disorder that there’s “no cure” for? One hundred years ago, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and arthritis rarely existed in America. Avoid artificial anything.

8. Get every vaccine the CDC recommends

The CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet, or didn’t you know? The vaccine industry has paid out over $3 billion in damages for vaccines that caused severe health tragedies, including deaths. Read the vaccine insert pages yourself, because the doctors and nurses never do it for you!

9. Drink Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, or Diet Pepsi daily

Sodas contain at least two of the following three severely detrimental health ingredients: genetically modified high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or phosphoric acid.

10. Eat canola oil regularly (organic or not)

Canola oil coagulates like glue in your blood. No canola plant on earth is natural. Every canola plant comes from rapeseed, which is toxic to all animals, including humans.

Want some natural remedies for your ailments? Check out NaturalPedia.com and get those chemicals out of your body as soon as possible. Then visit a local naturopathic physician and start asking questions about nutrition. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the answers.

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