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By Scott Buss

What if just hours before the terrible mass shooting in Las Vegas, a “democratic” government deployed mass violence against citizens because millions of those citizens were daring to cast votes on a subject that the “democratic government” in question didn’t want voted on?

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How would such an event impact the gun control debate?

How would a government-initiated wave of mass violence injuring hundreds of people, leaving many elderly grandparents, women, and children injured, impact the position of many that the only people who should have easy access to guns are…those employed by the State?

So glad you asked.

While intense focus and speculation has been understandably drawn toward Las Vegas in the wake of the mass shooting that left 59 dead and hundreds injured, there was another mass assault that occurred over the course of the very same weekend when the people of Catalonia, a Spanish province, decided to vote in a refurrendum to determine whether or not Catalonia should sedece from Spain.

While the mass shooting in Vegas is already being used by various Statists and Leftists to attempt a fresh assault upon the right of individuals to keep and bear arms in America, the mass violence deployed by the central government of Spain against Catalans who dared to treat secession from centralized power in Madrid as a legitimate option is also an event that will have a profound impact on the perception and pursuit of freedom in Spain, America, and throughout the centralized West.

Here’s how we chronicled the Spanish crackdown on Catalan’s move for independence in a post made earlier this week:

“What do self-described “indivisible” governments do when pesky things like democracy get in the way of their claim to indivisibility?

Put another way, what happens when a federal government pretending to be all about “the will of the people” is confronted with a majority opinion that says the federal government in question should no longer rule over them?

You know, like the Founding Fathers did a while back.

What do federal governments pretending to revere democracy and the will of the people do then?

Well, as if we didn’t have enough examples already, we got another dramatic, bloody answer to that question over the weekend when the federal government in Spain went absolutely nuts on the people of Catalan, who simply wanted to peacefully vote (you know: practice democracy) as to whether Catalan should secede from Spain.

For such a gross violation of “indivisible State” principles, many of the Catalans taking this unthinkable stand were beaten and shot with rubber bullets. Grandmas and grandpas were bloodied along with younger Catalans, leaving quite a clear impression as to what The Powers That Be think of “the will of the people” when it conflicts with (or seeks to flat out nullify) the will of the “indivisible” State ruling over them.

Whatever the intended impact of the Spanish crackdown on Catalans, it seems to have backfired, and dramatically so, with the reported vote tally favoring secession by an 89%-11% blowout.”

Since we last wrote on this, Catalan officials have announced plans to formally declare independence from Spain on Monday.

As reported at ZeroHedge:

“Spanish stocks tumbled, with the IBEX index sliding into a 10% correction, following an overnight report that Catalan leader Puigdemont was set to make a statement at 9 p.m. (1900 GMT) on Wednesday, after an all-party committee of the region’s parliament meets to agree a date for a plenary session on independence. That concluded moments ago and CUP, the pro-secession party that is a majority in the Catalan parliament, has announced it will declare independence from Spain in plenary session on Monday . . . “

Now there’s a gutsy move toward freedom.

The kind of move that Washington DC doesn’t want Americans to even think about, much less seriously contemplate.

Remind you of anyone, even just a little bit? (Think: The Founding Fathers who, by the way, would never advocate taking something like The (Socialist) Pledge of Allegiance to an indivisible political state above them.)

What our DC-based masters of centralized power would greatly prefer is our focusing on the next wave of gun control legislation that’s sure to come down the pike, so that the typical Left/Right shell game with all of its mass media promotion can distract us from the fact that the Pagan Progressive Right Wing and Pagan Progressive Left Wing are two wings of the same Progressive dragon.

This is why our freedoms and liberties are constantly assaulted and whittled away, regardless of which political party holds power in DC.

This is why the size, scope, and power of government never meaningfully shrinks and only seems to grow, regardless of which political party holds power in DC.

This is why the dependence of the American people upon the American State keeps growing and growing, regardless of which political party holds power in DC.

This is why Americans need to rethink their relationship to Washington DC.

Just as Catalans are rethinking their relationship to Madrid.

Republished with permission Fire Breathing Christian

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