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ECONOMY Decentralization, the *real* Gospel, and how we’ll soon wave buh-bye to Big...

Decentralization, the *real* Gospel, and how we’ll soon wave buh-bye to Big Everything

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By Scott Buss


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Big Government. Big Business. Big Education. Big Banks. Big Media.

These are the Big Problems routinely propped up and promoted by the Big Political Parties on the Left and the Right.

Oh sure, the Right regularly pretends to oppose Big Government and the Left routinely poses as though it’s not in the pocket of Big Business, but the reality is that these two Big Parties are all about the preservation of concentrated power in the hands of a few.

In this context it becomes important for us to understand that Big is a synonym for Centralized.

Big Government is centralized government.

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Big Education is centralized education.

Big Media is centralized media.

The concentration or centralization of power over entire areas of life in the hands of a tiny core of select, elite individuals atop massive bureaucracies and systems is what Big Power is all about.

Each and every one of these systems exist to preserve and, ideally, strengthen or expand, their centralized power.

That’s what these Big Beasts do.

It’s their nature.

This is why they all despise decentralization.

Decentralization to them is as a garlic scented cross is to Dracula.

So it should come as no surprise that the Great Commission, as it rolls over and through history, inevitably brings in its wake massive amounts of decentralization.

This is why decentralization is such a beautiful and important thing for Christians to understand, embrace, and run with, especially now as God is at this very moment raising up tools and technologies to empower the radical decentralization of power across the board in ways that were unthinkable just 100 years ago, and still fantastically optimistic seeming only 25-30 years ago.

Where in the past God introduced tools like the printing press in a comparatively isolated manner over the course of history, He is now showering us with amazing tools at a quickening pace. Home computers, the Internet, robotics, and 3D-printing, to name a few, have the power to fundamentally restructure civilization in the coming decades.

No joke.

And the fundamental changes in question will include decentralization.

Radical decentralization.

Just think of what PCs and the Internet have already done for education – true education, I mean, which is not to be confused with the dinosaur brick and mortar monuments to centralized educational power still littering the landscape and pretending to hold the keys to the future.

The future of education is decentralized education, and that future is unfolding now.

This is why Big Education is so nervous and desperate to justify itself.

Same goes for Big Banks, whose black magic fiat currency systems are on the verge of losing all credibility.

And then there’s Big Media, whose desperation if forcing them to crack up, crash and burn in dramatic fashion before our eyes.

Yes, the Big Beasts are dying. The dinosaurs are going down.

It’s happening right now.


I wanted to share this off-the-charts bit of really good news as we deal with things like a crumbling American culture, a mass shooting in Vegas, and the inevitable grab for power from Big Government that will come in the form of new gun control legislation.

I wanted to share some truly encouraging news in the middle of all of this, and the inevitable wave of radical decentralization that is sweeping God’s green earth right now seemed like a great place to start.

Along those lines, I’d like to revisit a similar article that we posted in August of 2015, entitled Technology, Family, And Our Awesome Opportunity For Decentralization. In just the slightly over two years that have passed since that article, we’ve seen major moves toward the radical decentralization I’m talking about (think: Brexit and Catalonia, for example).

For the first time in generations, Americans are starting to seriously consider and openly discuss radical decentgralization.

Do we really need DC?

At all?

Do we really need a Department of Education?

At all?

Do we really need centralized education, media, industry, and banking in order to productively learn, communicate, build, and finance?

Are the centralized powers dominating those areas of life right now actually inhibiting our ability to flourish far more than they’re enabling it?

These are questions that are being asked and contemplated.

And that’s only going to continue, no matter how much the forces of decentralization don’t like it and no matter how hard they try to stop it.

Their days are numbered.

They know it.

And we need to know it, too, so that we can do our part to bring about the end of centralized power as quickly as possible throughout God’s creation.

To help inspire that, here’s Technology, Family, And Our Awesome Opportunity ForDecentralization:

“I don’t know about you, but I like good news.

Especially The Good News, which thankfully carries along with it an infinite amount of lesser (but still incredibly powerful) good news through which we can actually do great things right here and now.

And probably like you, I could really use that kind of Good News enabled good news right about now.

Wouldn’t it be cool if even as the Big Gay Wave rolls over the culture, Planned Parenthood butchers and dismembers babies by the boatload, and a “land of the free” loaded with professing Christians who continue to flock to their favored Pagan/anti-Christian experts and wannabe leaders for “solutions”, we were given by our loving Lord the very real and very practical means by which we might preserve and prosper as families and churches while advancing the Kingdom of God right here and now in the middle of the storm?

Well, we do have those thingsOur loving, sovereign Lord has provided them to us so that we might use them in that way right here and now in the middle of all the craziness swirling around us.

While we’re going to get into the great opportunity of technology in the hands of Christians, first we need to take a moment to establish a solid context for better appreciating the great opportunities being made available to us. To that end, I ask you focus on one word:


Zero in on this concept.

The decentralization of power of one man (or group of men) over others is one of the most important concepts promoted through the Christian worldview in action. This is also what makes the actual Gospel-fueled Great Commission so terrifying and problematic to the Pagan mind – and to a great many Pagan-influenced “Christian” minds.

Pagans and the Pagan-programmed are all about mass surrender of power and responsibility to an elite class of “experts”.

Secular/anti-Christian worldviews encourage us to consider Christ, if we must consider Him at all, as the “Lord” or “God” or whatever way over yonder in Heaven or way off in the far-flung future or deep down in our hearts or something like that. But He is not to be understood as Lord here and now. He is not to be the Lord who wholly owns and has blessed us with things like economics, art, technology and law (see: Colossians 1:16). He is not to be understood as the reigning King of kings who has commanded and equipped us to take every thought (and thereby every action) on every subject captive to Him by His grace, for His glory and for our benefit (see: 2 Corinthians 10:5). Oh no, anything but that!

We are relentlessly pitched the idea that the here and now – the “real world” as Pagans and the Pagan-programmed like to imagine it – is reserved for rule and domination by the enemies of Christ, so we need to just “get real”, be “pragmatic” and keep our Jesus in His place – which is as far away as possible from actually leading us in law, economics, technology and art. This is what’s known as “a satanic worldview”…and it is wildly popular with modern American evangelical “Christians”.

It’s this overarching satanic worldview as embraced and promoted by most American “Christians” that has been purposefully and patiently unfurled and expanded over the course of many generations by the enemy in order to lead us into the present bondage of servitude and dependence upon Pagan/anti-Christian “experts”…and the much worse that is to come as we continue on down this path.

Consider just the following three examples (and consequences) of our purposefully encouraged dependence on Pagan/anti-Christian “experts”:

1. Pagan Education “Experts”: For generations now, we’ve been poked, prodded, and propagandized at every turn by Pagan/State-“educated” advocates to surrender our God-given power and responsibility to educate our own children in an explicitly Christ-centered manner (and thereby mold the future of our culture and civilization in a Christ-centered manner). Sadly, our most common response to these pressures has been to dutifully comply by freely (and often happily) shipping off our little boys and girls so that they can have their minds sculpted by a Pagan/State-run system of “education” founded upon a pursuit of knowledge lifted directly from the serpent’s tongue in Eden. In this, the Corporatist/Statist elites have gained our cooperation in assuring that each successive American generation will be more Statist, more Pagan, and more dependent upon the Corporate system than the last.

2. Pagan Political and Government “Experts”: We are also routinely encouraged by the Corporate/State-owned voices echoing throughout the culture to surrender our family and church responsibilities to feed the poor and care for the needy. Sadly, we tend again toward compliance by steering those in need to the State rather than to family, friends, or the church while refusing to properly paint such Socialism and State empowerment/dependence as inherently sinful, thereby empowering the State to create ever more and ever deeper dependency while simultaneously making the God-ordained family and church less and less relevant to meeting the real needs of real people and ultimately less and less able to even exist in a meaningful way in a Pagan/State dominated setting. In this, the Corporatist/Statist elites have gained our assistance in creating, empowering, and expanding the Welfare State while also securing the neutralization (and eventual elimination) of the biblically defined Family and Church.

3. Pagan Economic and Business “Experts”: We are encouraged by the same Corporate/State-run tools to surrender our personal responsibility to pursue biblically defined economics and business, and are encouraged to defer completely and uncritically to Pagan “experts” who build their entire economic worldview on a foundation of the purposeful enslavement of the masses.

These are just a few of the glaring and consequential examples of our surrender of the culture by surrendering leadership of that culture to those who hold to explicitly Pagan/satanic worldviews.

And where have these beloved and trusted Pagan “experts” taken us?

Just look around…

Look at where the “right” to openly worship false gods has taken “We the (proud!) People”.

Look at what “We the People”-defined “freedom” has done to family, marriage, and even gender here in the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA?

Look at what “We the People”-defined “liberty” and “rights” have done to enable the mass-murder and dismemberment of millions and millions of our own baby boys and girls, sacrificing them on the All-American altars of convenience and profit.

Look at these things, American!

Look…and think…and question our “brilliant” Pagan “experts”.

Question our beloved Pagan “leaders”.

Test them.

Test what they believe. (And test to see what you actually believe while you’re at it.)

Test what they do.

Test it all in light of the Nature of God as lovingly, perfectly, and sufficiently revealed in His Word (see: 1 Thessalonians 5:21).

That Word made flesh is our true hope.

He is our one and only true hope in education, economics, law, art, and everything else.

Where Christ is King in practice, true liberty blooms.

Where Christ is King in practice, civilization flourishes, culture thrives, and peace abounds.

On the flip side of that (where we are now in “We the People”-worshiping America), where Christ is replaced as God in practice by the secular State, true liberty bleeds out and dies. This may well be the single greatest lesson of the “great American Experiment” as it careens towards a cliff of its own prideful choosing, propelled there by a State- and man-centered approach to education, economics, law, and government.

This is why the Pagan “experts” and “leaders” are always at best apparently dismissive of Christ’s lordship and in truth vigorously rebellious against the same underneath that veneer of mere dismissiveness. They will not have Him to rule over them. As such, they will always lead us in the same direction – away from the rule of Christ and into rule under them.

This is the natural desire of all unrepentant “leaders”.

This is the foundation of all philosophies of unrepentant “experts”.

This is why all such men and women – however nice, well-spoken, generous, and smart they may be – also tend to be vigorously opposed to the biblical decentralization of power that would radically limit the State and just as radically empower and invigorate the Family and the Church. In a Christian worldview submitting to Christ as King in practice, the Family, Church, and State are all defined, empowered, and limited by God. In a Christ-dismissing, unbelieving worldview, the State inevitably strives to dominate and destroy the Family and the Church as God has defined and ordained them, at best (and only temporarily) replacing them with pale, weak, powerless counterfeits until the masses are so thoroughly transformed that they no longer even desire the mirage of such “outdated” and “unnecessary” institutions.

This is why the Pagan mind and worldview gravitates inherently toward Statism, which itself inherently despises and seeks to destroy the Family and the Church.

The Family is competition to the State from the Pagan/Statist perspective. It is an obstacle to the growth of State power, by and through which culture and civilization is to be sculpted and guided along the path of “progress”…away from the rule of Christ and toward the rule of elite men and women atop the System.

The Church is in the same category.

Thus, both the Family and the Church must be corrupted, neutralized, and ultimately destroyed in all non-Christian cultural/civilizational paradigms, be they of a Pagan Political Right or Pagan Political Left perspective. The Pagan Political Right and Pagan Political Left are ultimately two wings of the same Pagan Dragon. The sooner we come to grips with that reality, the better.

It is in this context that technology is fast becoming a great threat to Pagan worldviews built upon centralization of power in the hands of Pagan “experts” and “leaders”.

Technologies have emerged and are emerging now in a way that is setting the stage for the radical empowerment of individuals, families, and the church. It is our duty to seize these great technology-enabled opportunities in a Christ-centered manner so that we might, by His grace, use them effectively to revive and empower His people so that they might more vigorously, productively, and effectively move their lives, homes, culture and civilization in a God-honoring direction.

We must not fear man – or technology. We must fear the Lord and obey His loving command to take all things captive to Him – including technology and all that it touches – so that we might biblically decentralize the State and biblically empower the Family and Church.

With advances like the Internet and personal computers already in hand and breakthroughs like 3D printers and affordable robots capable of doing all manner of work hitting the scene in increasingly impactful ways, we are being blessed by the Lord with tons of tools through which we can pursue the radical, biblical decentralization of the State and the radical, biblical empowerment of Family and Church.

Consider how the Internet has already impacted – and radically decentralized – access to information. Where not so long ago the flow of information was almost completely controlled by a few major television networks, news papers and the like, we are now able to access and share information with far less in the way of centralized power controlling or filtering what we say and how we say it. While there is still a long way to go along those lines, progress has already been great, so much so that Planned Parenthood, despite its many “expert” Pagan defenders and advocates atop the centralized System of systems, is being pummeled in its present battle with anti-child sacrifice forces who are waging their war primarily (and quite effectively) through online social media. Even this little blog site that you are reading now is a fine example of what God has given us in the way of opportunity in this context.

Consider also how personal computers – and cell phones putting the power of advanced PCs in our pockets – have radically empowered individuals and therefore radically decentralized the power (and necessity) of Pagan “experts”. We can now do routinely with our iPhones what NASA not long ago needed a room full of bleeding edge, impossibly expensive tech to accomplish.

Consider how emerging 3D printer tech radically empowers individuals, families, and churches to literally craft or manufacture items on demand, increasingly reducing dependence upon gigantic Corporate industrial production empires. As the 3D printing concept matures and expands, the power of the elites atop those empires will ebb and fade…which is, of course, why they are not exactly fans of this decentralization thing we’re talking about.

Finally, consider the emerging reality in which robots and robotics do more and more work at lower and lower costs with increasing effectiveness and proficiency as new advances are made with each passing month and year. While the serious consideration of this subject may trigger an “off switch” in the minds of those who want to avoid dealing with the seemingly “too fantastic” reality of such robotic involvement in our right-around-the-corner culture, the cultivation and emergence of these tools into a profound force for shaping life, culture, and civilization is undeniable. It is happening nowWe as Christians should see this more clearly and more appreciatively than anyone else.

With increasingly affordable and increasingly skilled robots set to play a significantly increased and profoundly impactful role in our lives and culture, we are well served to get a handle on the beauty of this situation and seek to actively seize the opportunity contained therein for the glory of God, the advance of His Kingdom, and the benefit of His people.

Why shouldn’t a family of reasonable means in the soon-coming future have access to several such robots capable of doing all manner of work and providing all manner of services in a way that profoundly increases the family’s productivity and significantly frees up time to pursue any number of other God-glorifying activities and studies that otherwise would have been rendered impossible due to lack of time? How amazing would that be? How amazing will that be?

Obviously, “how amazing that will be” will be determined largely by how we as Christians cultivate and apply these technologies. As Spider-man’s Uncle Ben might say, this is the sort of great power that comes with great responsibility. We as Christians cannot shrink in fear from either the power of the tools being made available to us or the responsibility to use them in a God-glorifying, Kingdom-advancing manner.

Biblical decentralization of State/Corporate power is coming.

Cultural empowerment of the biblical Family and Church is coming.

By God’s grace, for His glory, and through His Spirit-filled people as they faithfully proclaim and apply His Nature as revealed in His Word, taking all things captive to Him…including technology.

So let’s get to it!”

Republished with permission Fire Breathing Christian

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I’m a husband, father, speaker, author, blogger and member of Christ the King Church in Middle Tennessee. Through my writing here at Fire Breathing Christian, I hope to equip and encourage Christians to better understand, proclaim, and apply the lordship of Christ in every realm of His creation.


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