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BODY OF CHRIST Just Say It; A Ranting

Just Say It; A Ranting

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By John Miltenberger


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He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. [1 John 3:8; NKJV]

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The spiritual warfare that has been assailing us all, expresses itself in a punch/counter-punch scenario that will go on until the end of the current age. The infusion of political correctness into our civil society and by extension, our churches, is nothing more than a massive spiritual invasion of evil, and so far, it has been a very effective stifling tactic to counter the Christian principles America was founded upon.

It has inundated our society for so long that this clever perversion of the truth is now considered normal by most, legislated as such by the courts, and at best, considered an inconvenience whispered against by an increasingly vilified minority.

Now it is time to punch back, and in my humble opinion, the pulpits of America should aggressively lead the way – with the gloves off. I don’t give two hoots about what the sign says in front of your particular church; there is no such duck as Compromising Christianity. Compromise and Christianity are always mutually exclusive, and will always be. They cannot co-exist. We’ve sucked down this poison too long, and enough is enough. It is killing us, and we need to fight back.

Never, during the course of my entire life, have I seen America so mired in hatred, and as long as this country continues to wallow in spiritual darkness we will also continue to ineffectively shadow-box the dark forces allied against us. If this course is not corrected, we could very easily find ourselves waking up some soon morning to find we no longer have a country to honor and defend, and on that day, the issues of borders and illegal aliens will no longer be viable issues; they will be replaced by survival issues for the minority who consider themselves believers in God, and are willing to live like it.

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to run into a man I’ve not laid eyes on for over ten years. He stated, in reference to our shared faith, “We are becoming the minority.” I was shocked by the stark truth of the statement, and afterwards shocked that so many “believers” don’t see it. How often does one have to be slapped in the face before the light of truth comes on? Apparently, a lot. Dumbed down, servile men and women can apparently take a lot of slapping before growing tired of it. Succumbing to the abuse is not the only option.

So consider this: if you were God, how would you deal with America? I suspect we have many more “righteous” people, percentage wise, than Sodom, but Sodom was not credited with over sixty million murders of innocent, “inconvenient” children. And I’m certain somewhere on Google is the answer to how many fetuses (about), were torn apart in the wombs of Americans yesterday alone – frankly, I’d rather remain ignorant; I value my sanity. So, how would you deal with America in 2017?

Our land is so full of traitors, that becoming one has become fashionable. Isn’t that so? I’m fed up with the proliferation of silly, childish, indeed stupid people, being given daily news coverage by a completely money-motivated media. Headlines sell….and that’s all the media cares about. They and the minions that feed on their garbage deserve each other, but I’d love to see the day the vast, unheard from body of American citizens pull the plugs on this criminal conspiracy. Direct TV needs us more than we need it. Believe it. Which takes me to football….

How long do you think it would take the NFL to pull their collective heads out of their enriched backsides if the ticket holders in this land of entertainment stopped buying tickets? Months or weeks? I figure weeks, because they’ll get stuck paying on the contracts of the overpaid players, and even the NFL will recognize the truth that they need us more than we need them.

Players that publically shame the country by taking a knee during the national anthem should not be sidelined or disciplined – they should be immediately pulled from that game, before they play in it, and fired. Not only that, they should be barred from ever again playing professional ball for as long as they live. Perhaps this will make room for more qualified players to move up…players that will play whether they get paid a lot or not, players that play because they love the game. Which brings me to Hollywood….

I’m fed up with hearing the opinions of men and women who have spent their lives becoming rich and famous by pretending to be people they are not. What gives Hollywood actors and actresses the qualifications to even have opinions worth airing in public, and why do we pay so much attention to these overpaid pretenders.

Everyone has an opinion – this piece being an example, but why are the rich and famous more qualified than you and I? The answer is, “Because we let them, and we pay them for it.” Like it or not, most of the actors (the Greek word for actors is: hypokritēs), stripped from their makeup, fame, acclaim and wealth, are nobodies who never really had a job…and we’ve created monsters by over valuing and over paying them to do no more than “entertain”.

The fact is, we have worshipped them, but the truth is, they are nobodies, full of empty words, (usually not their own), overpaid babies with their mouths parked open from childhood, and they deign to be worthy to tell us what we should think?! Ridiculous. We’ve created and sustained these monsters of illusion far too long. Perhaps we should send them to Afghanistan?! Real guns and real bullets have a way of tempering childish opinions.

The Antifa movement is not unorganized; what we see now is the infancy of bad history repeated. Antifa members are domestic terrorists, and should be considered military combatants, and treated peremptorily as such. They are the visible, violent edge of anarchists embedded in our land, and they need to be disbanded or destroyed before they succeed in destroying the rest of us. Right now, if treated decisively as they deserve, they will evolve into the cowards they truly are. The ones that survive the purges will retreat into their wallpaper existences, clutching their cell phones to their hearts, and go back to their parents houses to live out their fantasy lives apart from the rest of healthy America.

Right now in America, we the people need to reject the traitor-ridden congressional bodies we are so used to blindly accepting. Look at Rome as it declined into eventual dissolution, as the example of what we are seeing in these traitorous public “servants” in both congressional houses. Both bodies need to be purged of the cancers in their midst, and the citizenship must fight the turn-coats with every legal means available…while the legal means are still in place for us to use.

Our two-party system was never a desire of our founders, in fact we were warned against that evolution early on…but we thought we knew better. Now look at us. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are fictions we’ve condoned for far too long. Where are the ones who are willing to risk their futures by re-defining the term, “Public service”? Our government and our willing, ignorant voting masses have pushed them out, and we are being destroyed as a consequence.

Without the direct intervention of the God of the Bible, it will be said that Lenin was right, and this experiment in democracy will be terminated into a great “What might have been, and almost was..”. Just another Camelot gone by the wayside.

Don’t like what I wrote? Deal with it. Your world won’t end because I’ve aired my opinion, but it might if you don’t grow up enough to do so.

Only Almighty God can see our way out of this complex mess we see around us, and only God is willing and able to lead us out of it. Perhaps it’s time to shake off the shackles of PC, unholster the weapons of truth and justice, and seek His face as a repentant society bent on survival.

If we don’t, we may not survive being replaced by the next “experiment”….but indeed, ’There is nothing new under the sun.’


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    • I could not agree more. I would add to that – I have enormous respect for your writing as well Rev. Michael. So glad you are an author here on The Olive. God bless – to both of you as well as the rest of our authors. You ALL make The Olive what it is!


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