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John Kasich Teaming Up with Democrat for Independent Presidential Run in 2020?

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The simple fact that this is a story is evidence enough to confirm that Ohio Governor John Kasich (R-OH) is the RINO we all thought he was.

According to recent reports Kasich and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) are deep in discussions about forming a bipartisan ticket for an Independent run at the White House in 2020.

The two men have made a series of appearances together with the major theme being about what state’s can do to improve healthcare for their citizens. However, Axios has learned that there may be something much bigger going on than just joint appearances, the two men may actually be considering joining forces in a Presidential bid.

From Axios:

  • The two, who got to know each other at conferences, plan to extend their joint platform from health care to two other hot policy areas: immigration and job creation.
  • On health care (with a detailed plan to be released soon), the two have broadened their efforts to a bipartisan group that includes 11 governors.
  • The Johns’ jobs plan will focus on the coming displacement from automation, with prescriptions that include trade, workforce training — and an optimistic and hopeful message, balanced with an honest admission that some jobs just aren’t coming back.
  • The two are talking to major media companies about a possible podcast or cable show to continue cementing their brand. Their conversations would include politics, policy, and pop culture.
  • In D.C. in early September, the two will hold a health-care conference that includes policy input from the American Enterprise Institute on the right and the Center for American Progress on the left.
  • Kasich, who’s being advised by veteran consultant John Weaver, is keeping open all his options, including the possibility of primarying Trump in 2020.
  • Nothing subtle about any of this: Kasich has urged Hickenlooper to visit New Hampshire.
  • Both are 65 and both were born in the crucial electoral state of Pennsylvania, Kasich from the Pittsburgh side and Hickenlooper from the Philly side (corrected).
  • Both are proud policy wonks, and their staffs are said to get along famously.

It seems likely that if the union does come to pass that Kasich will feature at the top of the ticket (as President) and Hickenlooper will be his VP.

While this is the moderate establishment’s fantasy, it seems highly unlikely to be a winning combination.

Neither man has much by way of charisma, Kasich is already despised by the GOP’s conservative base, and Hickenlooper will soon be anathema to the Democrat’s leftist base. So, in reality, the match is a loser from the start.

However, this pairing could be a boon for the GOP who figure to find themselves in dire straits come 2020. While that election year is already rounding out to likely be a difficult contest for the GOP, an Independent bid from Kasich/Hickenlooper could be just what they need to help them overcome the Democrats 2020 presidential bid.

The National Review explains:

It’s a lot easier for even a hobbled president with the advantages of incumbency to hold onto a plurality than a majority. Presume the Green and Libertarians amount to their usual 2 to 6 percent of the vote in most states. With Kasich and Hickenlooper running as an independent ticket, Trump and Pence just need to hold on to the largest slice of the remaining 95 percent or so, instead of needing close to half. The threshold of a win becomes the high 30s instead of close to 50 percent…

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So in 2020 Democrats would have to face an incumbent President and a pair of popular, moderate Governor from swing states? No wonder Axios says that “Some establishment Dems are apoplectic about the idea.” They should be angry, and they should be terrified.

Meanwhile for the GOP this pairing won’t do much to raise anyone’s blood pressure. Kasich wasn’t close to the top tier of Presidential contenders in 2016, and he hasn’t done anything to improve his popularity in the Party since.

So while the Democrats worry about a possible Independent run from the two John’s, the GOP finds itself hoping that the idea gains some traction because it will only help GOP chances in 2020.

Republished with permission Constitution.com

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