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FEATURED ARTICLES Black Conservative Woman Blasts Media’s Fake “Racial War”

Black Conservative Woman Blasts Media’s Fake “Racial War”

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Black people have scarier things on the horizon than the almost endangered species of white supremacy.”

Thank the Lord for outspoken thought leaders like YouTube star Candace Owens, who willingly speaks up for sanity when they see the world around them descending into chaos.


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Candace Owens is a conservative vlogger on YouTube and she also happens to be a black woman.

This mix of truths is already upsetting to most leftists, but Ms. Owens recently had some choice words for the media and their leftist masters when she decried the insanity that they were stirring up.

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“Black Lives Matter protesters may want to consider changing their slogan to, ‘Don’t shoot because we’ve already got it covered….

It’s like we’re all racist toward our own selves. Nobody wants us dead more than we want ourselves dead. I mean there are like what, 6,000 Klansmen left in our nation? You want me to actually process that as a legitimate fear every day when I wake up?

It’s obviously the media’s fault. The media is creating this entire narrative. And it’s crazy, absolutely crazy to me that people have not figured this out yet. I mean, why didn’t we hear a single thing about David Duke, white supremacy, and the KKK the entire time Obama was in office? Do you think they were all hiding underground waiting for the next white president, kneading by the light of the moon? Do you really believe that weren’t still meeting, holding protests, having rallies and marches? Maybe the media wasn’t covering it. Use your brain. The media is literally simulating a reality right now. It is fascinating to watch over and over again. Am I the only person in the world that relies on her own experience to dictate what is going on in the world?

Everybody involved in this fake racial war is a loser. So please, spare me the statutes of your “white guilt” and your “black pride” because I really don’t care to see it. You know what’s going to happen if we keep down this path? We are actually going to allow the media to create those division where none existed prior…

Bottom line, I’m not too disturbed by the events that happened in Charlottesville because that is what happens when two groups of losers that hate one another get together. That’s what happens with the Bloods show up to a Crip party and you think one person is above the other. And that’s on you.

I think the president was absolutely right to call it for what it is, which is two groups of extremists. Nobody showed up looking to give hugs. As an African-American woman in this country, some things I’m actually afraid of are the education system and the prison system. These are two institutions that actually do systematically oppress and disadvantage African-Americans and keep us in the cycle of crime and poverty. But you won’t hear the media talking about any of that. Nope. The media is going to keep encouraging us to act like absolute animals to make sure we get arrested and end up in that system. And to make sure that we do not have a shot at getting into the schools and receiving the education that will close the gap and the barrier for African-Americans.”

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