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FEATURED ARTICLES Washington Post calls Trump Racist, Conservatives Denounce the Alt-Right

Washington Post calls Trump Racist, Conservatives Denounce the Alt-Right

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We (conservatives) have been denouncing the alt-right, white nationalism, and white supremacy for as long as each of those things has been around.

Conservatives understand, as part of our core philosophical beliefs, that every person is made in God’s Image and therefore endowed with dignity, value, and purpose. It’s literally one of the hallmarks of being a conservative – every life is of equal and necessary value.


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Some conservatives ignore this and have embraced the racism of the fascist populists in the white nationalist movement. But MOST conservatives still agree that racism, in any form, is EVIL.

Judging another human being by the color of their skin is a uniquely stupid standard of measurement.

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At we stand against the Alt-Right, we denounce white nationalism, and we ABHOR and DECRY white supremacy.

Now, let us turn to the media that in its efforts to undermine the Trump administration are playing right into the hands of a tiny minority of people. By tying the “alt-right” and their white nationalist/supremacist friends to conservatism as a whole, the media (and the left) are actually giving the racists exactly what they want – legitimacy.

There are, at most, a few thousand white supremacists left in the United States today. There are another few thousand white nationalists, and another few thousand members of the alt-right. By pretending that they are a greater force than they actually are the media only serves to give them publicity to twist the truth and to grow their numbers.

In the Washington Post today there is a story that literally calls President Trump a racist. This is a man who has been honored DOZENS of times by minority organizations, in the past he has been close personal friends of many civil rights leaders and leaders of the black community like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others.

Here’s what the WaPo’s Greg Sargent wrote:

Even if Trump says the right thing today, the question will linger: Why does Trump resist condemning white supremacy? The most obvious answer is that he’s encouraging the racism of some of his supporters, after a campaign that derived initial energy from his racist birther conspiracy theories and in many ways was framed around the narrative that white identity and white America are under siege. White nationalism is now alive and well in the White House; we are reaping the inevitable consequences.

This is the exact argument that Sargent and his liberal friends laughed at when conservatives made a similar case about President Obama’s refusal to speak out against Islamic extremism. Apparently, now that a Republican is in the White House and not responding as appropriately as Sargent believes he should, the argument holds more water.

The difference is that when Obama refused to speak out against Islamic terrorism, liberals defended him. However, when President Trump’s original statement didn’t strongly enough condemn the white supremacists or the white nationalists, we conservatives called on him to be more vocal and more strident in his rhetoric against the alt-right. Also, unlike President Obama who NEVER called out radical Islam for what it was, President Trump has quickly changed course and ratcheted up his specific condemnation of the alt-right and their friends in the white nationalist/supremacist movements.

But Sargent and other liberals refuse to recognize this because it doesn’t fit their narrative and it doesn’t help their cause.

It’s short-sighted and it’s dangerous. By pretending that the alt-right, the white nationalists, and the white supremacists are bigger/stronger/more influential than they really are the Left and the media are risking creating a dangerous and volatile situation and it’s all in their petty attempt to continue undermining President Trump.

Rich Lowry of the National Review explained that the left was playing right into the hands of the alt-right on Sunday’s Meet the Press:

“Anti-fascists also beat people up, break things, and burn things. They both should be condemned… I want the alt-right… to go away and die, but you are not doing folks on my side any favors by defining it so widely that Stephen Miller and Mike Anton [are “alt-right”]. That is what [white supremacists] want. You’re helping them.”

Don’t expect the left to care who gets hurt by their lies, they’ll continue to press the “fake news” that the alt-right is conservative because they believe it will help their political cause and that’s all they care about… even if it hurts America.

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