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FEATURED ARTICLES Hillary Clinton wants to be a Methodist Pastor

Hillary Clinton wants to be a Methodist Pastor

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In an ironic, and disturbing, twist, the woman who has led the cultural siege against the West and Christianity says she actually wants to be a Christian preacher.

From Breitbart:


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Having failed to win the White House in November and with a new book on the way, Hillary Clinton is reportedly looking at turning to a more publicly religious role. Her pastor is saying she wants to get into preaching.

According to The Atlantic, Clinton told her longtime pastor Bill Shillady, at a recent photo shoot for his new book, that she wants to preach — something that the outlet says has always been a dream for her.

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This comes on the back of a report that Clinton told an editor in 1994 that she thought “all the time” about becoming a minister.

Hillary Clinton has long voiced her Christian beliefs, but many Christians in America have doubted the nature of her faith because of her actions.

She is known to be personally ruthless, cunning, spiteful, and mean-spirited. She has been heard to say some of the most demeaning and disgusting things to those in her inner circles, and she has treated those who disagree with her in contemptible ways.

Beyond her personal life, many American Christians have doubted her sincerity because Hillary Clinton is an inveterate liar.

Whether about politics, her personal experiences, or about her actions at any given time, Hillary Clinton has been caught in so many public lies that it belies the idea that she might actually agree with the tenets of the Christian faith.

Finally, with her politics. Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime fighting against the cultural values of Christianity.

Even if she did not believe that the teaching of our faith should be forced on to others, she should have acted as though those teachings were valuable.

On  just about any cultural issues, Clinton can be seen siding against Christian teaching and with the postmodern tendencies of a secular and even anti-Christian culture.

Religious freedom, sex, drugs, abortion, family, church… on any of these issues Clinton can be seen fighting the teachings of the Bible and defending the philosophy of the godless left.

So, Christians should be forgiven if their first reaction to the news that Hillary Clinton wanted to be a preacher is… dubiousness.

Clinton’s desire to join the clergy as a Methodist actually tracks with what the family has long argued.

The Clintons utter devotion to child-murder (abortion) had led them to leave the Baptist denomination, which says murder is sin, and to join with the United Methodist Church, which has a large contingent of abortion supporters.

The news that Clinton would consider becoming a pastor in the United Methodist Church is not surprising given that the Methodist Church supported abortion for years until recently and still has a large contingent of pastors and other church leaders who strongly support abortion

Clinton’s turn back towards Christianity may be sincere, or it may be part of the recalibration that seems to be happening in Clinton-world since her defeat at the hands of President Trump.

She has recently released a book, now here spiritual advisors are releasing books, and she has been hiring back her presidential campaign team… something is going on in Clinton-world, and it probably has nothing to do with her “faith.”

Look for Clinton to be making a public arena comeback, whether as a move to reestablish her influence, or to make more money… but it’s probably not about the Gospel.

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