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ECONOMY As The Social Security Scam Nears Its End, Working Millennials Can’t Help...

As The Social Security Scam Nears Its End, Working Millennials Can’t Help But Notice They’re Being Pillaged While They’re Being Mocked

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Do many Millennials have a well-deserved reputation for being lazy, self-absorbed, emotion-driven snowflakes with a mind-blowingly awful entitlement mentality?


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Oh yeah, sure.

After generations of American parents singing the praises of overtly Marxist/Socialist constructs like public schools and Social Security, what else did we expect?

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Yet again and again we hear self identified conservative Christians express shock and awe over the snowflakey patheticness of Millennials.

So the question has to be asked: Which is worse – the snowflakes or the parents and grandparents who made the snowflakes?

That is a question for another time. Here and now we want to take a sec to consider the economic reality into which the much maligned and mocked Millennial generation has been flushed by their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents after nearly 100 years of stark raving Socialism as the happy norm here in “the land of the free”.

For all the mocking, labeling, and ridiculing now routinely hurled toward Millennials, one word that any even semi-honest Social Security defending, public school promoting “conservative Christian” ought to add to the list of things they’re happily doing to Millennials is: Pillaging.

The “conservative Christians” of past and present older generations who’ve embraced the Marxism/Statism of systems like Social Security and public schools are pillaging and have for quite some time been pillaging Millennials.

From time long preceding the birthdates of now commonly mocked Millennials, they were sold into bondage in order to prop up the Socialist scams of “conservative Christians” past and present.

To get a better feel for the flagrant nature of the theft/scam/fleecing of the young going on here in “the land of the free”, let’s recap a few basics about Social Security:

  • Social Security is a system pitched, built, and operated by known liars as a mechanism by which they steal and spend the money stolen from those forced (by the power of the State) to pay up.
  • Social Security is a classic Ponzi scheme by which new marks are scammed in order to pay past victims of the same scam, thus preserving the illusion that the whole thing somehow actually works in a legitimate sense of the term. The biggest difference between Social Security and other Ponzi schemes is that Social Security has the coercive power of the American State behind it so that said State can enforce the theft/participation aspect needed to keep the scam going longer than it otherwise would be able to continue.
  • Social Security is stark raving Socialism on display, with the State empowering itself to steal from some in order to pay off others. In this case, as things stand in 2017, it is young and young-ish productive workers who are being openly fleeced to prop up what we all know is an ultimately doomed Socialist program.
  • With Social Security ultimately destined to fail as surely as any other Ponzi scheme, it is inevitable that many young workers who are scammed will ultimately get nothing in return for that which was stolen from them. You know this to be true. I know this to be true. And you can be certain that many Millennials in question know this to be true.

They know they’ve been scammed.

They know they’ve been sold up the river.

And they know that Socialism-dependent Americans will keep right on selling them out in order to get their next hit of State-crafted crack.

All of this seems noteworthy in light of yet another in a long-running, seemingly never-ending series of stories describing the looming insolvency that we all know exists (and was always going to be the ultimate end) where Social Security is concerned.

Consider the following from a source cited in a recent ZeroHedge article entitled Social Security Will Be Paying Out More Than It Receives In Just Five Years:

“Right now, Social Security continues to take in through revenue more than it pays it through benefits, which is expected to continue until 2022. Once Social Security begins to pay out more than it takes in, it will be forced to liquidate the assets held by the trust funds. . .

. . . One of the most tempting solutions to strengthen Social Security is to increase the payroll tax. Currently Social Security is financed by a 12.4 percent payroll tax with half paid by employers and the other half paid by employees. But only the first $127,200 of wages is subjected to the payroll tax.”

The good news is that the American Socialism gig is almost up. It’s nearing the end of its long, artificially propped up zombie life – a zombie life enabled by the Federal Reserve constantly inflating and re-inflating stock and housing asset bubbles as it is doing at this very moment.

The American Socialist system is dying.

It is circling the drain.

The bad news is that even now millions of Socialism addicted “conservative Christian” Americans are feeding the young to the beast on its way down, voting for politicians and supporting parties that will somehow “save” or prop up the Socialism for just a little longer by fleecing young people who will never benefit from the system that we all know must soon die.

In this context, the next time a “conservative Christian” who defends things like Social Security and public schools makes another crack about the general lameness and idiocy of Millennials, maybe they ought to think twice.

Maybe they ought to apologize.

Maybe they ought to repent.

Maybe they should own up to their role in creating the nightmare economic system that Millennials are inheriting, with little to no hope of realizing any of the “benefits” promised by the liars and thieves who set up the Ponzi scheme of Social Security in the first place.

Republished with permission Fire Breathing Christian

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